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I became interested in family history as a child when my parents volunteered at the Oakland Family History Library. I decided to try a little research and started with my ancestor, Olive (Bird) Ennis. I found her birthdate but nothing more. I tried again every now and then but didn't get any farther.
While in college, I took a family history course. This time, I researched my ancestors, Elias and Eliza (Fowlke) Aston. While I didn't think I'd learn anything new (as they were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), I received a packet with stories and a photo. I had never seen pictures of them before! Better yet, Mom got out a record she had for Elias so she could send a copy to me and realized that she had misread the name of the town Elias's father came from. She was able to trace his genealogy much further back in time!
After I graduated, a distant cousin found my Dad's website and sent him another packet - this time for Olive and her husband, Alonzo. This had photos (like Elias and Eliza, I had never seen Alonzo and Olive's pictures) and genealogical information and the copy of a town history sketch on Olive's father, James! I now set out again to find more about Olive's family and eventually, the puzzle pieces came together. Olive and Alonzo and Elias and Eliza were just the beginning of my involvement with family history, a journey that continues today.

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