Thomas Chenery

Thomas Chenery died when his son was a year old, about 46 years before a Chancery suit that took place between 1544 and 1547. His death date would have been between 1498 and 1501.

Thomas owned land in Cockfield, Suffolk, England, which were the subject of the Chancery suit. In this suit, his son John claimed that lands that had been in the possession of John "Halting" Chenery, which he had inherited from his father "John Chenery the clerk," had previously been in the hands of Thomas Chenery and should have been passed down to Thomas's son John.

In the Chancery suit, Thomas's son John describes John Chenery the clerk as a kinsman. Nicholson theorized that the clerk was at least a generation older than Thomas's son and possibly Thomas's brother. In addition, Nicholson mentioned that, "It seems more likely that with more research they will be found to be descendants, perhaps grandsons of John and Elena Chenery of Cockfield, whose wills, recorded in the Probate registry of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, were dated 1460 and 1464 respectively. In them they named, among others, sons John and Alan."

Thomasís child is:

  1. John Chenery, born between 1497 and 1500, of Kennett, Cambridgeshire, England, married Emma -- (will written 12 Nov 1558 (she was of Moulton, Suffolk, England) and proved 8 Jun 1560), will written 25 Oct 1549 and proved 21 Oct 1550, buried in the Kennett churchyard.


Record related to the Thomas Chenery family but not copied below due to copyright considerations:

  1. Nicholson, Frederick J., "The Chenery Ancestry of John Moody and of Frances (Moody) Kilbourn of Hartford and Wethersfield, Conn.," The American Genealogist, vol. 64, Jan 1989, pgs. 1-11.

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Author: Michelle A. Boyd


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