Medieval Ancestors of John Cotton

Below is the ancestry of John Cotton, who married Cecily Mainwaring. For more information and sources, see Boyer (included in the Bibliography below).

First Generation:

William de Cotton and Agnes Yonge

William was of Coton, Shropshire, England (recorded there 1430-1 (9 Henry VI) and 1460).

Child: John Cotton (m. Cecily Mainwaring)
The joined arms of Cotton and Young (from
Joined arms of the Cotton and Young families

Second Generation:

William de Coton and -- Hulse

William was of Coton and Alkington, Shropshire, England.

Children: William de Cotton, probably John de Coton (of Alkington, m. Katherine Constantine (dau. of Thomas Constantine of Dodington)).

Philip Yonge and Agnes --

Philip was of Caynton, Shropshire, England. One pedigree (Joseph Morris) states he was Sir Philip Yonge and that he married Agnes, the cousin and heiress of William Bonarton of Caynton.

Children: Sir William Yonge (according to Morris; Sheriff of Shropshire 1492), Agnes Yonge.

Arms of the Yonge family

Third Generation:

Roger de Coton and Elen Grymelond

Roger was of Coton and Alkington, Shropshire, England.

Child: Probably William de Coton.

William Hulse

William was of Norbury, Cheshire.

Children: A daughter (wife of William de Coton), John Hulse.

Fourth Generation:

Richard de Coton

Richard was of Coton, Shropshire, England during the reign of Edward III.

Child: Roger de Coton.

John Grymelond

John was Alkington, Shropshire, England. The last name of this family was also shown as Gremyton.

Child: Elen Grymelond.

Sir William Hulse and -- Norbury

Child: William Hulse.

Fifth Generation:

Hugh de Coton and Isabel de Hayton

Hugh was heir to his brother Alan. He was, according to Morris, a Knight of Rhodes.

Children: Sir Nicholas Coton (of Coton, Shropshire, England, living in 1356, m. Katherine Hackluyt, for more information, see the Seventh Generation of The Medieval Ancestry of Joan Lacon), Hugh de Coton, Richard de Coton.

The joined arms of Cotton and Hayton (from
Joined arms of the Cotton and Hayton families

William Grymelond

Child: John Grymelond.

David Norbury

Child: A daughter (wife of Sir William Hulse).

Sixth Generation:

Sir Hugh Coton and Elizabeth Titley

Children: Alan de Coton (m. Matilda le Scot of Acton), Hugh de Coton, Sir William de Coton (Dean of Worcester).

The joined arms of Cotton and Titley (from

Joined arms of the Cotton and Titley families

Thomas de Hayton

Child: Isabel de Hayton.

William Grymelond

Child: William Grymelond.

Seventh Generation:

Roger Coeton

Child: Sir Hugh Coton (according to Morris).

Adam Titley

Adam was of Cheshire. Morris gave his given name as Hamon.

Child: Elizabeth Titley.

Roger Grymeland de Alkington

Child: William Grymelond.


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