Richard Moody and Anne --

Richard Moody was a yeoman of Moulton, Suffolk, England. He married Anne --.

Richard is mentioned records regarding a tenement in Moulton in 1558. He purchased lands in Moulton in 1562 and in Moulton and Gazeley, Suffolk, England in 1572. He purchased and lived in a house called Fryettes in Moulton. He also owned lands in Cavenham and Kentford (both in Suffolk), lands at Okingbury, Wessen, and Illington (all in Huntingdonshire, now part of Cambridgeshire), and a flock of 400 sheep at Isleham, Cambridgeshire, England.

Richard wrote a first will on 14 January 1572/3. He then wrote a second will on 2 February 1572/3. He added a codicil on 25 April 1574 but, for some reason, he added it to the first will. He died 28 April 1574 and was buried that same day at Moulton, Suffolk, England. Two days later, on 30 April, the executors named in the first will proved that will and the codicil. However, Anne later brought forward the second will and the court judged in favor of this will on 10 June 1574. The executors of the second will refused to act and administration was granted 16 June 1574 to Anne.

Anne married second Edward Coult (a gentleman, m. 2) Mary (Maris?) 20 Aug 1579 in Moulton) 6 September 1574 in Moulton, Suffolk, England.
She was buried 14 March 1576/7 at Moulton, Suffolk, England.

Richard and Anne’s children are:

  1. Thomasine Moody, eldest daughter, under 18 at the date of her father's first will, married Henry Smith 23 Jan 1575/6 in Moulton, Suffolk, England.
  2. George Moody, the eldest son, born about Sep 1559, a yeoman, took up livery of his father's lands in Moulton, including Fryettes, in 24 Elizabeth (1581-2), "famous for his housekeeping & honest & plain dealing," married 1) Margaret Chenery (dau. of John and Elizabeth (Norwich) Chenery, bur. 25 Jan 1602/3) 12 Oct 1581 in Kennett, Cambridgeshire, England and 2) Christian Cramp or Knapp 19 Sep 1604 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, buried 23 Aug 1607 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, will dated 5 Aug 1607 and proved 20 Nov 1607.
  3. Grace Moody, alive at the date of her father's wills.
  4. Anne Moody, married Albert Ramont 18 Oct 1585 in Moulton, Suffolk, England.
  5. Robert Moody, baptized 20 Mar 1563 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, mentioned in his father's wills.
  6. John Moody, third son, mentioned in records regarding lands in Moulton, Suffolk, England in 1587.
  7. Margaret Moody, baptized 1 Nov 1568 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, married Christopher Hagget 9 May 1589 in Moulton, Suffolk, England.
  8. Edmund Moody, youngest son, baptized 24 Jun 1570 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, married Agnes Clarke 26 May 1595 in Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England, inherited lands and houses in Gazeley, Suffolk, England from his father.
  9. Mary Moody, baptized 22 Sep 1572 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, married John Browne (minister, his living at Moulton sequestered 17 Mar 1644/5 (during the English Civil War) because "he would not pray for a blessing on Parliament") 1 Oct 1593 in Moulton, Suffolk, England.
  10. Judith Moody, born posthumously (called "the child my wife now goeth with" in the codicil to her father's will), baptized 31 Jul 1574 in Moulton, Suffolk, England, married Edmund Fowler 5 Apr 1602 in Moulton, Suffolk, England.

Additional Information about Richard's Family
Richard had a brother:
  1. Thomas Moody, parson of Moulton, Suffolk, England, of Islington, Middlesex, England at the time of his death, died intestate, administration on his estate in 1576 (principal heir being George Moody, then a minor in the care of Edward Coult). (See TAG 64:7.)


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Pedigree of the Moody Family

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