Richard Norwich and (Agnes --?)

Richard Norwich was of Westley Waterless, Cambridgeshire, England and was the son of Henry Norwich and Agnes --.

Richard married Agnes --.
Nicholson surmised that Agnes could have been a second wife and not the mother of Richard's children because Richard left her, among other things, the household items which had been her own and brought to him when they married. However, I am not confident either way.

Richard's will was written 4 September 1540 and proved 20 November 1540. There is a will,
dated 4 August 1545, for an Agnes Norwich of West Wratting, Cambridgeshire, England (about 3-4 miles from Westley Waterless), which Nicholson stated may be our Agnes's will. However, there were no mentions of children or any other Norwiches in this will. The will does mention a sister Alice Cowper, as well as a number of other Cowpers, hinting at a connection to the Cowper family for the Agnes of West Wratting (and thus, our Norwiches, if this is indeed our Agnes).

Richardís children, either by Agnes or a possible prior wife, are:

  1. Richard Norwich, married Mary --, of Brinkley, Cambridgeshire, England, will written 3 Apr 1521 and proved 23 Apr 1521.
  2. Henry Norwich, married Isabel --, of Silverley parish, Ashley, Cambridgeshire, England, will dated 1 Jul 1537 and proved 26 Sep 1538.
  3. William Norwich, married Isabel --, a husbandman of Westley Waterless, Cambridgeshire, England, will dated 16 Mar 1548 and proved 28 Apr 1548.
  4. Stephen Norwich, married Agnes -- (will dated 18 Jun 1591 and proved 9 Oct 1591), held the lease of the manor of Ashley and Silverley, buried 23 Jan 1583/4 at Ashley, Cambridgeshire, England, will dated 17 Jan 1583 and proved 14 Feb 1583.
  5. Joan Norwich, possibly married Robert Ray.


Records related to the Richard and Agnes Norwich family but not copied below due to copyright considerations:

  1. Nicholson, Frederick J., "The Norwich Ancestry of John Moody and of Frances (Moody) Kilbourn of Connecticut," The American Genealogist, vol. 66, Oct 1991, pgs. 197-204.

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Author: Michelle A. Boyd


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