The Possible Medieval Ancestry of Richard Trott

Below is the proposed ancestry of Richard Trott, who may have married Joane --. For more information and sources, see Spear (included in the Bibliography below).

Note: Of Richard's ancestry, nothing is known for certain. Burton W. Spear stated that, "There is no evidence to support JHT's identification of this William (William Trotte, son of John Trotte, who purchased property at Holford) as the father of a William Trotte involved in land transactions in Hull and Poundisford hundreds 1554-76, or of Richard Trotte..." The possibility that Richard probably came from another town is suggested by Spear: "Certainly there are no references to the surname at Otterford or in Poundisford Hundred." He suggested the possibility that Richard could have been the son of John Trotte of Staplegrove, Somerset, England. Under probable children for John, he lists, "Richard Trotte, possibly a younger son who left Staplegrove to establish himself in Otterford and subsequently Trull."

First Generation:

John Trotte and -- --

John Trotte, probably the John Trotte who purchased tenement in Staplegrove, Somerset, England in 1469-70 and 1475-6, died about 1502-3 (when William Trotte succeeded him).


William Trotte, succeeded John in his lands at Holford, Somerset, England 1502-3 and 1503-4, purchased property in Holford in 1509-10, married Alice -- (m. 2) Edmond Morcom 26 Jun 1552 in Staplegrove, Somerset, England), suceeded in his lands by his daughters in 1541-2 (meaning that he died about that time).

Richard Trotte (possible younger son), appears in the Taunton manor register in 1526-7 for lands in Otterford, Somerset, England and in 1533-4 for lands in South Trendle, a hamlet in Pitminster, Somerset, England, probably married Joane -- (bur. 14 Aug 1577 in Otterford, Somerset, England), died about 1570.

Second Generation:

John Trotte junior and -- --

John Trotte, purchased tenements in Staplegrove Hundred in 1439-40 (called "junior" in this record), Grasscroft and Pyrland tithings (Taunton St. James parish in Taunton, Somerset, England) in 1447-8, and Grasscroft in 1454-5.

Probable child: John Trotte.

Third Generation:

John Trotte and -- --

John Trotte, a tenant in Staplegrove Hundred 1435-6. Since his probable son was called "junior" in 1439-40 but not in 1447-8, this John probably died between those two dates.

Probable child: John Trotte junior.

Possible relative: A William Trocte also appears as a tenant in Staplegrove Hundred near the time John was listed as a tenant (1432-3). He is likely related to John but there's not enough known information to tell how he is related or even if he's older, contemporary with, or younger than John.

Earlier Trott Family

A Richard Trot appears in a custumal of Taunton Deane manor about 1250 as a tenant who paid rent of 2 shillings a year for five acres in Obridge tithing in the parish of Taunton St. James, Somerset, England and was required to perform agricultural labor for the lord of the manor (come to four harvest boonworks (extra days of work for a lord at a busy time of the year, in this case, during harvest), mow and make hay, come to the rickmaking (a rick being a stack of hay, grain, or etc.), "the Waterlete," and the corn rick in autumn (corn then meaning grain, and not maize, as it does now), and hoe). Richard could possibly be the ancestor of John Trotte, the 1435-6 tenant, and of William Trocte, the 1432-3 tenant.


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Author: Michelle A. Boyd


Last updated 24 June 2018