Adriaen Gelijns and Grietjen Jans

Adriaen Gelijns and Grietje Jans are the theoretical parents of Annetje Adriaens. The clues indicating that they are her parents include a probate record of a Grietie Jansen (in which she mentions daughter Annetie Adriaensen [1]), a baptismal record for the child of Jacob Jansse van Etten and Annetie Gelvins [2], and the baptismal record of Grietjen Tack (which lists, under parents, Aart Pietersen Tack and Grietjen Vooght [3]).

The following is the supposed family of Annetje Adriaens:

Adriaen Gelijns married Grietje Jans. They were of Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. Grietje married second Jan Lambertszen. Her will was dated 27 June 1684 in Ulster County, New York.

Adriaen and Grietje's child:

1. Annetje Adriaens, probably baptized 29 Aug 1645 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands [4], married 1) Aert Pietersen Tack (divorced 21 Aug 1664) and 2) Jacob Jansen van Etten 11 Jan 1665 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

Jan and Grietje's child:

2. Geesje Jans, baptized 4 Jun 1653 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.

Jan and Grietje's possible child:

3. Hendrick Jans, baptized 10 May 1654 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.

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Jans, Gritie, widow of Jan Lembertsen.
Testamentary disposition, dated June 27, 1684, and written in Dutch.
"Her daughter (haer dochter) Annetie Adriaensen shall have, in advance, the bed, pillow, and two small cushions (kleyne kussens), and Geesje is to receive the two large cushions (groote kussens), also the silver top-iron (ovryser). Residue to be divided between them.
Grietie Jansen (her mark)
(No witnesses).

Source: Anjou, Gustave, Ulster County, New York, Probate Records, vol. I, pg. 45.

Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at New Amsterdam.

Baptism Date Parents Child Witnesses
1653 Jan Lambertszen Geesje Fredrick Alken,
4 Jun Aeltje Carstens,
Pietertje Jans
1654 Jan Lambertszen Van Oldenzeel Hendrick Aeltje Barents
10 May

Source: Brassard, Theodore (comp.), Baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (1639-1730), Nottingham, NH:, 2000.

The Book of Members or Register of the Members here since the year 1649...

A 1663.
...den 7 Octob...
...Jan Lambertszen, en Grietie Jans, syn huysv...

Source: Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in the City of New York: Church Members' List.


[1] Annetie would not be the daughter of the Jan Lembertsen of whom Grietje was the widow. The patronym Adriaensen indicates that her father's first name was Adriaen, probably Grietje's first husband.
[2] Annetje is usually listed with the patronym Adriaens or Arians. Gelvins is possibly a clue to the patronym of Annetje's father, Adriaen.
[3] "Vooght" means "guardian". It is believed by researchers that Grietjen is the child's guardian, not mother. At this time, Annetje, the mother, would have been going through a hard time, having been abandoned by her husband and left to take care of enormous debts. Therefore, a guardian would most likely have taken the child to be baptized. It is quite likely that the guardian would have been someone close to the family, maybe even the grandmother. The fact that the child was named Grietjen supports the idea that the guardian was the grandmother (traditionally, the eldest daughter was named after one of the parents' mothers). See the footnote for Grietjen Aartz Tack, under the Jacob Jansen van Etten and Annetje Adriaens family, for more information.
[4] From email dated 23 Jan 2002 from Frans Gouverneur to Jean Boutcher and Cynthia Middaugh-Zuber: "The wife Annetje Adriaens is still another problem; I do have an Amsterdam bapt record on Aug 29, 1645; but where is the proof that this is our Annetje. There are a lot of Adriaens's (and Gelijns's too) in the Etten records, acting as sponsors for 'Tack' baptisms, but the problem is of course that the Amsterdam baptism is in the Old Church, so the parents were protestant then. Another problem is that if this is our Annetje that she was only 14/15 years when she married Aert."

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