Barent van Rottmers and Geesje Barents

Barent Röttmer (or van Rottmers) married Geesje Barents. They are believed to have come from Altenbruch, Hannover, Preußen, Germany or Otterdorf (about five miles from Altenbruch, also in Hannover). 

Geesje immigrated to New Netherland on board Den Waterhondt[1], which had sailed from the Texel by 15 June 1640 and had arrived in New Amsterdam by 25 October 1640. By that time, Barent had died and Geesje had married second Pieter Jacobsz van Rynsburgh [2]

According to Lorinne McGinnis Schulze, a joint will was made by Pieter and Geesje in June of 1642. She also states that "Pieter made the first of three payments to the deacons of Fort Orange for an adult funeral pall, on 12 April 1658", probably indicating that Geesje had died in the months preceding the payment.

Barent and Geesje's children:

  1. Annetje Barents Van Rottmer, born about 1608 in Altenbruch or Otterndorf, Hannover, Germany, married Albert Andriessen Bradt, died about 1661 [3]
  2. Barent Barentsen, born about 1610 in Altenbruch or Otterndorf, Hannover, Germany, married 1) Annetie Jans van Schoonhoven 21 August 1632 in Amsterdam, Netherlands [4], 2) Cathalina Michiels 25 November 1634 in Amsterdam, and 3) Annetie Jans van Amsterdam 17 September 1644 in Amsterdam, a silk and satin worker, died by 1663.

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LDS Film # 114621
21 April 1632
Baerent Baerentss, van Oudebroek, caffawercker, out 22 jaeren, geasst met Geesgen Baerents, zijn moder, won in 't Schaepensteegje, ende Annetie Jans, van Schoonhove, wede van Claes Joriss, woon op de Brouwersgracht, verclaerde maenden wedw te sijn geweest
(Signed) Barrendt Barenssen (mark of bride)
(Baerent Baerentss, from Altenbruch, caffaworker [5], age 22, attended by his mother Geesgen Baerents, living in the Schaepensteegje [6], and Annetie Jans, from Schoonhoven, widow of Claes Joriss, living on the Brouwersgracht, (she) declared she had been a widow ten months.)
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LDS Film # 113196
25 November 1634
Baerent Baerentss, van Aterendorp, armesynwercker, wedr van Annetie Jans, woon in 't Schaepensteegie, ende Cathalina Michiels, van Leyden, out 22 jaer, geasst met Michiel Christiaenss, haer vaeder, woon als vooren
(Signed) Barrendt Barenssen (mark of bride)
(Baerent Baerentss, from Ottendorf, armesinworker [7], widower of Annetie Jans, living in the Schaepensteegie, and Cathalina Michiels, from Leyden, age 22, attended by her father Michiel Christiaenss, living in the same place.)

LDS Film # 113203
17 September 1644
Baerent Baerentss Rotmer, van Aterendorp, wedr van Cathalyntie Michiels, woon op de Heylgeweg, satynwercker, ende Annetie Jans, van A, wede van Pieter Heyndrixss, won in de Haerlemerstraet
(Signed) Barrendt Barenssen (mark of bride)
(Baerent Baerentss Rotmer, from Otterdorf, widower of Cathalyntie Michiels, living on the Heylegeweg, satinworker, and Annetie Jans, from Amsterdam, widow of Pieter Heyndrixss, living in the Haerlemerstraet)

Source: Amsterdam Doop-, Trouw-, en Begraafregisters (Baptism, Marriage, and Burial Registers).

27 March 1632
Compareerde alsvooren Albert Andriess van Frerickstadt, varensgezel, out 24 jaere, geen ouders, wonende aande Romboutsteggh, geast. met Lourens Pieters, zijn oom en Annetie Baerents van Oudenbrath geast. met gessel baerens haer moeder wonende in Schaepensteegje, out 24 jaere.
(Signed) Albert Andriessen (mark of bride)
Appeared as before, Albert Andriess from Fredrickstadt, sailor, aged 24 years, no parents, living on the Romboutsteegh (in Amsterdam), assisted by Lourens Pieters, his uncle; and Annetie Baerents from Oudenbrath, assisted by Gessel Baerens, her mother, living in Schaepensteegje, aged 24 years.

Source: Marriage Intentions for All Dutch Reformed Churches in the City of Amsterdam, 1630-2, LDS Film # 113194.

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Op paesdag de 11e April geest D. Joannis Silvius getrout...
Albert Andriess (met) Annetje Barents.
On Easter the 11th of April the Domine Joannis Silvius married Albert Andriess with Annetje Barents.

Source: Marriages in the Oudekerk, Amsterdam 1565-1669, LDS Film # 113353.


[1] "Settlers of Rensselaerswyck 1630-1658", in the Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts lists "Gijsje Berents wife of Pieter Jacobsz" as a passenger on Den Waterhondt.
[2] According to Macy, "Geesje Barentsdochter, the mother of Annetie Barents and Barent Barentsen, came to New Netherland with a second husband, Pieter Jacobsz van Rynsburch/Rensborch (New York Historical Manuscript: Dutch, vols. 1-4, 1974, at 2:46-48). He may have come from Rensborg in Schleswig-Holstein. In 1663 they were both deceased, and her heirs were named as Annetie's (eight) Bradt children and 'their cousins (nichten) Geesie Barents and Raechel Barents' (Early Records of Albany 3:226-27)."
[3] According to Lorinne McGinnis Schulze, "Geesie's daughter, Annetie Bradt, appears to have died early in 1661 since a payment for a pall was made on 13 February that year."
[4] Macy states that Barent appeared before one Frans Banning Cocq, an Amsterdam official, for this marriage intention. Cocq was the central figure (in black with the red sash) of Rembrandt's Night Watch.
[5] Macy noted that caffa was "a rich silk cloth similar to damask".
[6] "Sheep Alley", in Amsterdam.
[7] Macy noted that armesin was "a heavy silk, usually black and used for clerical garments".

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