The Bach Family

My line of descent:  Catherine Margret Bach → Katherine Hoffman → Rose Catherine Knoll → Florence Rose Mahler (Grandma)

Catherine Margret Bach
(married Johannes Hoffman)

According to Rose Catherine Knoll, Rose's grandmother's name was Catherine Margaret Bach. After searching the census records of Graf, Russia, two possible candidates for Catherine Margaret have been identified.

Further identification is complicated by conflicting dates. Catherine Margaret's eldest known child was Gottfried Hoffman, who according to family records was born 8 Oct 1861. However, if he is the same Gottfried Hoffman as the one who appears in the 1895 Graf census, then his birthdate would be 29 Aug 1864. Gottfried and his wife appear in the 1900 and 1910 US censuses with a 1892 immigration date. However, the little other information about the family is consistent, so I am currently uncertain about the dates.

If Gottfried's birth year is 1861, that would likely eliminate Margaretha, daughter of Johannes, shown below, as she would have been 13 at Gottfried's birth. Catharina, daughter of Joseph, would be the most likely candidate.

However, if his birth year was 1864, Margaretha would have been 16, young but able to bear children. In addition, if all the census information is accurate, Johannes, her husband, would have been born in 1843. This makes it a little more likely that he would have married Margaretha than Catharina, born 1831 or 1833, although Catharina could not be entirely ruled out.

In either case, our Catherine Margret's great-grandparents were Heinrich Bach and Katherina Deis. Below are the two potential lines:

                    Margaretha Bach                               or                               Catharina Bach
               is the child of                                 is the child of
       Johannes Bach                   Margaretha --            Joseph Bach                                       Margaret --       
    is the child of                                                is the child of
Joseph Bach                       --             Johann Christoph Bach            Margaretha Rohleder
                                                  (probable daughter of)
   are the children of                                                              is the child of

 Heinrich Bach                                                Katherina Deis                           Konrad Rohleder                                     --                

 (Learn more about the Bach family or Sarreguemines)   (Learn more about the Deis/Tais family)      (possible son of)

                                                                                                                                                             is the child of

                                                                                                                                                    Johann Rohleder                                           -- --

                                                                                                                                                    (probable son of)
                                                                                                                                      is the child of

                                                                                                                             Georg Rohleder                                      Barbara --

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Author: Michelle A. Boyd
Last updated 29 Dec 2014