The Eckel Family

My line of descent:  Elisabetha Eckel? → Johann Adam Knoll → John Peter Knoll → Rose Catherine Knoll → Florence Rose Mahler (Grandma)

Elisabetha Eckel
(married Johannes Knoll)

American family records state that "John Knoll" married Margaret Sophia Schamberger. However, the 1834, 1850, and 1857 censuses in Herzog, Russia state that Johannes Knoll married an Elisabetha (Eckel or Geckel, according to the 1857 census). While this means that Margaret Sophia could still be the mother of the children born before 1834 (namely, Johannes, Theresa, and Johann Adam), there is one thing that makes me wonder if there was an error in the later family records: the fact that Johannes had a son named Johannes who is shown in Russian records with a wife named Sabina Schoemberger and in later family records with a wife named Margaret Schomberger. It is probable that the later records accidentally mixed the father and son up and assigned Schamberger wives to both.

A search of Herzog records revealed no Eckels or Geckels that could be Elisabetha's parents. However, there is a Eckel/J
äkel/Heckel family in nearby Graf. A further search of the German Origins List shows that there are no other Eckels/Geckels in other nearby towns. Note that the Cyrillic alphabet does not have an enquivalent for the letter H so the letter for G was commonly used in the censuses instead. This results in a number of Volga German families that are shown in translated records as, for example, Herman or German, Hall or Gall, or in this instance, Heckel or Geckel. With the German J being pronounced more like an English Y, the names Eckel, Jäkel, Heckel, and even Geckel can be used interchangeably. For simplicity's sake, I am using the spelling Eckel.

Of the Eckels of Graf, there are two candidates for Elisabetha's father, Heinrich and Andreas. They are half-brothers, the sons of Friedrich Eckel. Below are the two potential lines:

                1) Heinrich Eckel          =   -- --          2) Andreas Eckel            =            Katherina Kohlner       
                                                is the child of                                              is the child of                                                                       is the child of
        Anna Maria Laber         =        Friedrich Eckel     =       Maria Margaretha Wulff        probable child of
(Learn more about the Laber family)                                               
(Learn more about the Wolf family)                is the child of
                                                                                                                                                               Peter K
öhler = Elisabeth --

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Author: Michelle A. Boyd
Last updated 27 Dec 2014