Thomas Bensley and Agnes —

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Thomas Bensley was a yeoman of Dunston, Norfolk, England. Thomas married Agnes —. His will was dated 12 August 1555 and proved 14 October 1558. He mentions wife Agnes, sons William and James, grandchildren Simon, Agnes, and others not specifically named.

Simon and Alice’s children are:

1 James Bensley, probably the James Bensley who married Joane —, resided in Belaugh, Norfolk, England, a husbandman, will dated 17 Mar 1563/4 and proved 7 Apr 1564, will mentions sons John and Richard and daughters Emma, Anne, Bathsheba, Alice, and Agnes (may also have had a son Thomas buried in 1559 in Wroxham, Norfolk, England).

Wife: Joane —.
William Bensley, married Joane —, resided in Barnham Brome, Norfolk, England, will dated 25 May 1575 and proved 26 Nov 1575, will mentions sons Robert and William and daughters Emma, Susan, and Elizabeth (a son Thomas is mentioned in parish registers who died young), will also names his brothers John and Henry.

Wife: Joane —.
3 John Bensley, married Alice —, resided in East Carleton, Norfolk, England, will dated 20 Apr 1590 and proved 17 Oct 1590, will mentions sons Thomas, George, and John and daughters Hammond (m. — Chapman), Margery (m. — Day), Thomasine (m. — Myles), Jane (m. — Carter), and Agnes, will also names his brother Henry.

Wife: Alice —.
4 Henry Bensley, married Emma —, resided in East Carleton, Norfolk, England, a yeoman, will dated 20 Mar 1592/3 and proved 20 Jun 1593, will mentions sons Richard and Matthew and daughters Joane (m. — Hayward), Agnes (m. — Balliston), and Marie (married in Henry's will but married name was illegible).

Wife: Emma —.

Thomas and Agnes also had grandchildren by an unknown son (not likely to any of the above sons, as none of them mentioned the following children):

5 Simon Bensley, mentioned in Thomas' will ("I give to Symon Benslen my belchilde [grandchild] a cowe."), married Alice Parker 22 September 1566 in Mulbarton, Norfolk, England, will dated 5 Feb 1595/6 and proved 1 Mar 1595/6, buried 11 Feb 1595/6 in Ranworth, Norfolk, England.

Wife: Alice Parker, likely dau. of John Parker and Elizabeth —, will dated 26 Jun 1622 and proved 8 Aug 1622, bur. 20 July 1622 in Ranworth, Norfolk, England.
6 Agnes Bensley, mentioned in Thomas' will ("I give to Agnes Benslen his sister [Simon's sister] one cowe and I will thees two neate be at my wiffes assignment to the behofe of thees my two bellchildern until they shall come to the age of xvii yeares.").

Summary of Sources

Records related to Thomas and Agnes Bensley but not copied below due to copyright considerations:

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