Richard Gardiner

Richard Gardiner married 1) -- -- and 2) Margery --. Myrtle Stevens Hyde believed that Richard had two wives and that the first was the mother of his eldest children, based on the fact that she only named two of Richard's sons in her will and did not call the children of Joan or Philip Gardiner her grandchildren.

Richard was a carpenter. He was buried 15 February 1559/60 in Bramford, Suffolk, England. His will was dated 27 January 1559/60 and proved 13 October 1560.

Margery's will was dated 13 July 1583 and proved 7 November 1583. An Elizabeth Gardner "widdow" was buried 22 July 1583 in Bramford, Suffolk, England--the name Elizabeth may have been mistakenly recorded instead of Margery.

Further information on the early Gardiner family
Richard Gardiner had at least one sister and probably one brother. In his will, he mentions "my sister Felgate" and "my nevye Edmonde Gardiner of Ippiswiche." Myrtle Stevens Hyde stated that she assumed that "nevye," or nephew, meant a sibling's son, although it could, according to terminology of the time, mean grandson.

Therefore, a man named -- Gardiner, born in the mid to late 1400s, had the following children:
  1. Richard Gardiner.
  2. (Daughter) Gardiner, married -- Felgate.
  3. (Probable son) Gardiner, the father of Edmond Gardiner.

Richardís children, probably by a first wife, are:

  1. Joan Gardiner, married John Coke (son of Edward Coke, will dated 29 Sep 1557 and proved 11 Mar 1557/8, husbandman).
  2. Philip Gardiner, eldest son, married Elizabeth Dale (dau. of Robert and Joan (--) Dale, will dated 20 Nov 1615 and proved 27 Sep 1616) 15 Oct 1560 in Burstall, Suffolk, England, lived in Elmsett, Suffolk, England, a yeoman, will dated 23 Feb 1613/4 and proved 9 Jun 1615, buried 14 Mar 1615/6 in Burstall, Suffolk, England.
Richardís children, probably by a first wife, are:
  1. Gilbert Gardiner, second son, married Elizabeth --.
  2. Thomas Gardiner, named in both Richard and Margery's wills.
  3. William Gardiner, named in Richard's will.
  4. John Gardiner, named in Richard's will.
  5. Edmund Gardiner, named in both Richard and Margery's wills.
  6. Ann Gardiner, named in Richard's will as under the age of 18.


 Records related to the John and Mary (Gardiner) Smith family but not copied below due to copyright considerations:

  1. Hyde, Myrtle Stevens, "The English Ancestry of Samuel Smith of Hadley, Massachusetts, Whose Wife Was Elizabeth (Smith) Smith," New England Historic Genealogical Register, vol. 174, Winter 2020, pgs. 40-51.

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