Philip Gardiner and Elizabeth Dale

Philip Gardiner was the son of Richard Gardiner. Philip married Elizabeth Dale 15 October 1560 in Burstall, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert Dale and Joan --. The Gardiners lived in Elmsett, Suffolk, England. Philip's will was dated 23 February 1613/4, in which he was called a yeoman. It was proved 9 June 1615. Elizabeth was buried 14 March 1615/6 in Burstall, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth's will, made at Burstall, was dated 20 November 1615 and proved 27 September 1616.

Philip and Elizabeth’s children are:

  1. Elizabeth Gardiner, married William Hayward (a widower) 17 Aug 1619 in Elmsett, Suffolk, England, will dated 13 Jul 1635 and proved 27 Jul 1635 (mentioned her stepsons, nephews, and other relatives, bequeathed her father's cauldron, silver spoon, and gold ring to one nephew, and requested that money, bread, beef, and beer be given to twenty poor families of Elmsett).
  2. Jane Gardiner, married Titus Curtis 2 Oct 1589 in Henley, Suffolk, England.
  3. Mary Gardiner, married John Smith (bur. 26 Jun 1618 in Burstall, Suffolk, England, will dated 27 May 1618 and proved 17 Jul 1618) 15 Nov 1597 in Burstall, Suffolk, England, buried 10 April 1626 in Burstall, Suffolk, England.
  4. Philip Gardiner, baptized 9 Nov 1578 in Elmsett, Suffolk, England, married Alice --.
  5. Thomas Gardiner, baptized 18 Nov 1582 in Elmsett, Suffolk, England, married -- -- (based on the fact that a son named Thomas was mentioned in his mother's will and a son John mentioned his sister Elizabeth (Gardiner) Hayward's will).


 Records related to the Richard and Elizabeth (Dale) Gardiner family but not copied below due to copyright considerations:

  1. Hyde, Myrtle Stevens, "The English Ancestry of Samuel Smith of Hadley, Massachusetts, Whose Wife Was Elizabeth (Smith) Smith," New England Historic Genealogical Register, vol. 174, Winter 2020, pgs. 40-51.

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