Clues about the Earlier Gibbs Family


The parent of John Gibbs of Frenze, Norfolk, England are not known. However, wills give a few clues about his siblings and other relatives. The will of John Gibbs names a brother George Gibbes and a sister (not named). "John Gibbes of Frendes Hall" was made overseer of the will of a Henrie Stebbinge.

Unknown parents had the following children (not necessarily in order):

  1. John Gibbs, married 1) Frances Robertson and 2) Alice Denny (widow of Henry Herne) 4 February 1603/4 in Scole, Norfolk, England, buried 27 February 1608/9 in Scole, Norfolk, England, will written 25 January 1608/9 and proved 19 April 1609. 
  2. George Gibbes.
  3. (daughter) Gibbes.

Other relatives of the Gibbs family (relationship not known--John was referred to as "kinsman" and "cosen" (a generic term in that time used to describe a relative, not always a first cousin):

  1. Henrie Stebbinge, a yeoman of Highgate, Middlesex, England, will written in 1601. Father of the following sons:
    1. Evans Stebbinge.
    2. John Stebbinge.
  2. Roberte Stebbinge, mentioned in Henrie's will as his brother.


Records related to the Gibbs family but not copied below due to copyright considerations:
  1. Murphy, Nathan W., Gibbs and Robertson Ancestry of Merrable Gibbs, Wife of John Folger of Martha's Vineyard, and Anne Gibbs, Wife of Rev. John Fiske of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, The American Genealogist, Vol. 88, Oct 2016, pgs. 287-301.

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Author: Michelle A. Boyd


Last updated 15 January 2017