Jan Anthonisz. Kuijst and Marieken Aert Willemsdr.

Jan Anthonisz Kuijst married Marieken Aert Willemsdr. Jan died before 1693. Marieken's will was dated 29 January 1623. She was living in Andel, North Brabant, Netherlands and was probably buried, according to her wishes, at the Church of Neer Andel, Andel, North Brabant, Netherlands. Marieken was probably the daughter of Aernout Willemsz. Jan was probably the son of Theunis Jansz Kuijsten and the grandson of Jan Kuijsten, both of whom are said to be mentioned in Andel records (Theunis in 1545, 1570, and 1571 and Jan in 1532 and 1533).

Jan and Marieken's children:

  1. IJken Jan Kuijsten, married Heijman Guijsberts.
  2. Teuntgen Jan Kuijsten, married Leendert Dircxsz.
  3. Aert Jansz Kuijst, married Jenneken Anthonis Matheusdr, died before 1623.
  4. Lijntgen Jan Kuysten, married Anthonis Cornelis, died before 1623.


  1. Notes of Jos de Kloe, taken and translated from the will of Maricken Aert Willemsdr., Woudrichem R467. [1]

Notes on the Will of Marieken Aert Willemsdr.

Woudrichem R467 (old inventory number was 137) last will and testament dated 29-1-1623, composed before schout Willem Cornelisz. Helmont, tot Andel, and schepenen Philips van Zevender en Jan Jansz. den Ouden, tot Andel
                Heijman Ghijsberts, husband of IJken Jan Kuijsten and Leendert Dircxsz, husband
                of Teuntgen Jan Kuijsten, sons-in-law, and daughters of Mariken.                 50 guilders to the church of NeerAndel
                50 guilders to the poor of Andel
                50 guilders to Henrixken Herman Huijberts

Source:  de Kloe, dr. Jos, Notes (taken in Dutch and translated into English) on the will of Marieken Aert Willemsdr., as found in Wourichem R467.


[1] Refers to the court records of Woudrichem. R is short for Rechterlijk archief and 467 refers to the book number in the inventory. These records are kept at the archives at Heusden.

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