Thomas and Alys Perkins

Thomas Perkins was of Hillmorton, Warwick, England, the son of William Perkins and Johanna Read.

He married Alice -- (said to be the daughter of Thomas De Astley and Edith Constable but I have no sources on this).

Thomas’ will was dated 3 Apr 1528 and proved 21 April 1528. Alice’s will was dated 31 July 1538 and proved 15 October 1538. Both specified that they were to be buried in St. John the Baptist Church in Hillmorton with Thomas asking that it be “before the Rood” (crucifix).

Thomas and Alys' children are:

  1. Henry Perkins, will was proved 16 June 1546. 
  2. Jone (Jeyn) Perkins, married — Sleyter
  3. Jelyan (Juliana) Perkins, married — Cumpton


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From The Ancestry of Dudley Wildes

Possibly born about 1475, made his will on April 3 and it was proved on April 21, 1528.
(Abstract from Lichfield Registry)
    He directed that he be buried in the church of St. John the Baptist before the Rood, and that his mortuary be as the custom and manner was. To the high altar, 8d. To the mother churches of Coventry and Lichfield, 4d. each. To the parish church of Hillmorton, 6s. 8d.
    To his wife Alice, all his lands and tenements in the towns of Fylds, Hillmorton and Lylborne (co. Northampton) as long as she continueth in widowhood. If she marry, Henry, his son, shall have the said lands and tenements, but if he die without lawful issue, they shall remain to Jone and Jelyan, his daughters, and their heirs. If they die without issue, the tail lands and tenements shall remain to the next heirs and the fee simple lands and tenements to the inhabitants of the town of Hillmorton for ever, to the best use that can be provided for the pleasure of God and for the health of his soul and all Christian souls.
    Residue to his wife Alice and Thomas Clerke, executors. Supervisors: George Sale and Richard Smith, to whom 40s. between them for their labors. Witnesses: Sir John Grendon, vicar of Hillmorton, Sir John Stookes, Sir Thomas Bolland, William Bayle, Richard Horne, John Cumpton, Roger Jones and others.

(Abstract from Lichfield Registry)
    The will of Alice Perkyns of Hillmorton, widow was dated July 31 and proved October 15, 1538.
    She asked that she be buried in the church of St. John the Baptist. To jeyn Sleyter, her daughter. To Juliana Cumpton, her daughter. To Henry Perkyns, her son and executor. Supervisors: John Stokys, clerk, Thomas Clerke, Richard Smyth. Witnesses: John Brendon, clerk, George Dobbe, William Freman, Thomas Dunkele, Richard Bassett.

Source:  Davis, Walter Goodwin, The Ancestry of Dudley Wildes, 1759–1820, of Topsfield, Massachusetts, Portland, ME:  Anthoensen Press, 1959, p. 81-2.

Extract of Will

ALICE PERKYNS of Hillmorton, Widow, in her will, dated 31 July, 1538, she directs that she shall “be buried in the church of St. John the Baptist of Hyllmorton,” and mentions: Jeyn Sleyter, “my daughter,” Juliana Cumpton “my daughter,” Henry Perkyns “my son,” executor; John Stokys, Clerke, Thomas Clerke, Richd. Smyth, supervisors; John Brendon, Clerke, George Dobbe, Willm. Freman, Thomas Dunkele, Richd. Bassett, witnesses.

The inventory, dated 10 Oct., 1538, was taken by: John Brendon, Clerke, Wm. Buttye, Wm. Freman, Thomas Dunkley, Edwd Twygare, appraisers.

Amount œ36 2s. 1d.

Proved at Lichfield, 15 October, 1538, by Henry Perkins.

Source:  Perkins, D.W., Notes on the Perkins Families in England, Salem, MA 1894. 


[1] I have seen on several websites that there once was a monument that read, “Here lyeth Thomas Perkins and Alice and Elizabeth. Our Lord save their soules from everlasting death. Amen.” (See for example: I have not seen a source for this.

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