The Kuhn Family

My line of descent:  Anna Maria Kuhn → Johannes Hoffman → Katherine Hoffman → Rose Catherine Knoll → Florence Rose Mahler (Grandma)

Anna Maria Kuhn
(married Michael Hoffmann)

Anna Maria Kuhn was born about 1808 and lived in Graf, Saratov, Russia with her husband, Michael Hoffman. After a search of towns for likely Kuhn families, it seems that the Kuhns of Herzog were the most  likely possiblity, due to its proximity to Graf. There was also a Kuehn family settling in Pfeifer early on but they seem to have disappeared from that colony by 1798.

Since Anna Maria appears in the 1834 census as a married woman in Graf and was born after 1798, she does not appear in any of the available censuses as a daughter and is therefore difficult to place within a specific family. However, there are five men who might have been her father, as shown below:

Candidate Family 1:
Candidate 1: Johannes Kuhn
is the child of
                               Candidate 2: Johannes Kuhn                                                              Katarina Denig  
is the child of                is the child of
   Heinrich Kuhn                                                          -- --         Martin Denig                                           Anna Maria Mauer                                             

Candidate Family 2:
                                  Candidate 3: Michael Kuhn                            Candidate 4: Kasper Kuhn   =     Anna Maria --  
                                                                             are the children of                  
                              Candidate 5: Peter Kuhn                                                              Margareta Stierman  
is the child of                    is the child of
          Johann Kuhn                                            Anna Margaretha --                                possible daughter of  
                                                                                                                                   Joseph Stehermann                                    Christina --

Candidates 1 (Johannes) and 3 (Michael) are not found in the 1834 census. This could mean that one or both of them died without leaving a family of their own. However, there is still the possibility that one or both married, left a daughter (Anna Maria), then died before 1834. Candidates 2 (Johannes), 5 (Peter), and 4 (Kasper) had recorded children but could have had a daughter in 1808 who would not have been recorded as a child in 1834 because she had already moved to Graf some time before.

There is speculation that Johann Kuhn and Heinrich Kuhn were the same man (namely, Johann Heinrich Kuhn), perhaps because they were both born about 1725 and Heinrich doesn't show up on the First Settlers List, while Johann doesn't show up in the 1798 census. Clearer evidence is needed to determine if this is the case.


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Author: Michelle A. Boyd
Last updated 22 Sep 2014