Kunz Bapst

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Kunz Bapst (also spelled Cuntz) was born about 1550. He was mentioned in 1582 in the Saalbuch Amt Burggemünden as having a landgräflichen Hof (farm or yard of the landgrave) with Thobias Adam and a house, barn, and stable in the Martorffer Hof.

Kunz and his wife's children are:

1 Hanß Babst, married Barbara —, buried 23 May 1621 in Nieder-Gemünden, Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse, Germany.

Wife: Barbara —, bur. 4 May 1635 in Nieder-Gemünden, Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse, Germany.

2 Caspar Papst, married but his wife's name is not known (had a daughter Ortina baptized in 1620).

Wife: Name not known.

Summary of Sources

Records related to Pabst family but not copied below due to copyright considerations:

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