John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley

John Howland was born about 1592 and was of Fen Stanton, Huntingdon, England.

John came to America on the Mayflower as the servant of John Carver. He was called “a lusty young man” by Bradford. John went above deck during a bad storm and was swept overboard. He was able to get a hold of the topsail halyards and keep hokding on, even though he was underwater. Others pulled the rope until he was at the surface of the water and then brought him back on board with a boat hook.

John married Elizabeth Tilley. She was baptized 30 Aug 1607 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, the daughter of John Tilley and Joan Hurst.

Elizabeth also came on the Mayflower with her parents, uncle, and aunt. All of the Tilley family who came on the Mayflower, except Elizabeth, died shortly after arriving. John and Kathrine Carver took the orphaned Elizabeth in. Mr. Carver, however, died the first spring after their arrival and Mrs. Carver died the following summer.

John was listed as a freeman in 1633. He held offices, including that of Plymouth Colony Assistant and Deputy for Plymouth to the General Court. He was in charge of the fur trading post at Kennebec in 1634 and on the Committee on the fur trade in 1659.

John died 23 or 24 February 1672 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts and buried 25 Feb 1672 in Plymouth. Elizabeth died 21/31 December 1687 at her daughter Lidia’s home, in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.

John and Elizabeth's children are:

  1. Desire Howland, married John Gorham
  2. John Howland, Jr., born 24 April 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, married Mary Lee in Oct 1651 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. 
  3. Hope Howland, born 30 August 1629 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, married John Chipman, died 8 January 1683 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, buried in the Lothrop Hill Cemetery, Barnstable. 
  4. Elisabeth Howland, married 1) Ephraim Hicks 13 Sep 1649 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts and 2) John Dickenson 10 July 1651in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  5. Lidia Howland, married James Browne.
  6. Hannah Howland, married Jonathan Bosworth 6 Jul 1661 Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. 
  7. Joseph Howland, married Elizabeth Southworth[1] 7 Dec 1664 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, will proved 10 Mar 1703, died Jan 1703/4 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. 
  8. Jabez Howland, born about 1644 (according to deposition was 36 on 19 July 1680), married Bethiah Thatcher
  9. Ruth Howland, married Thomas Cushman 17 Nov 1664 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. 
  10. Isaac Howland, born 15 Nov 1649 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, married Elizabeth Vaughn, will dated 6 Feb 1717/8 and proved 6 Apr 1724, died 9 Mar 1723/4 in Middleboro, Plymouth, Massachusetts.


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Map of the English homes of the Pilgrims:
The Excavation of the Howland home:
John Howland Memorial:
Picture of John Howland's tasset (piece of armor):

Christening Record

Extracted Christening Records

Christening:  30 AUG 1607
                   Henlow, Bedford, England
Father:         JOHN TILLY           Mother:  JOAN

Source:  International Genealogical Index (records above extracted from original source by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). 

Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation

In sundry of these storms the winds were so fierce and the seas so high, as they could not bear a knot of sail, but were forced to hull (lay-to) for divers days together. And in one of them, as they thus lay at hull in a mighty storm, a lusty young man called John Howland, coming upon some occasion above the gratings was, with a seele (roll) of the ship, thrown into sea; but it pleased God that he caught hold of the topsail halyards which hung overboard and ran out at length. Yet he held his hold (though he was sundry fathoms under water) till he was hauled up by the same rope to the brim of the water, and then with a boat hook and other means got into the ship again and his life saved. And though he was something ill with it, yet he lived many years after and became a profitable member both in church and commonwealth.

Source:  William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, Samuel Eliot Morison edition (New York: Knopf, 1991), p. 59.

(From list of Mayflower passengers)

Left: “Mr John Carver, Kathrine his wife, Desire Minter & two man-servants John Howland, Roger Wilder, William Latham, a boy & a maid servant & a child tht was put to him called Jasper More”

Right:  “Edward Tillie, and Ann his wife; and 2 childeren that were their cosens; Henery Samson, and Humillity Coper
John Tillie, and his wife; and Eelizabeth their daughter”

    …Mr Carver and his wife, dyed the first year, he in ye spring, she in ye somer, also his man Roger, and ye litle boy Jasper, dyed before either of them, of ye common Infection. Desire Minter returned to her freind & proved not very well, and dyed in England. His servant boy Latham after more than .20. years stay in the country went into England; and from thence to the Bahamy Ilands in ye West Indees; and ther with some others was stavred for want of food. His maid servant maried, &c dyed a year or tow after here in this place. His servant John Howland maried the doughter of John Tillie, Elizabeth, and they are both now living; and have .10. children now all living and their eldest doughter hath .4. children And ther .2. doughter, one, all living and other of their Children mariagable. so .15. are come of them…
    …Edward Tillie, and his wife both dyed soon after their arrivall; and the girle Humility their cousen, was sent for unto Ento England, and dyed ther But the youth Henery Sampson, is still liveing, and is maried, & hath .7. children.
    John Tilley and his wife both dyed, a litle after they came ashore; and their daughter Elizabeth maried with John Howland and hath Isue as is before noted…

Source:  Bradford, William, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647.

For images of the complete and original Mayflower passengers list by Bradford, click here:

The Mayflower Compact

"In ye name of God, Amen. We whose names are underwritten, the loyall subjects of our dread soveraigne Lord, King James, by the grace of God, of Great Britaine, Franc, and Ireland king, defender of the faith, etc.
Haveing undertaken, for ye glorie of God, and advancemente of ye Christian faith, and honour of our king & countrie, a voyage to plant ye first colonie in ye Northerne parts of Virginia, doe by these presents solemnly & mutualy in ye presence of God, and one of another, covenant & combine our selves togeather into a civill body politick, for our better ordering & preservation & furtherance of ye ends aforesaid; and by vertue hearof to enacte lawes, ordinances, acts constitutions, & offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet & convenient for ye generall good of ye Colonie, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witnes wherof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cap-Codd ye 11th. of November, in ye year of ye raigne of our soveraigne lord, King James, of England, France, & Ireland ye eighteenth, and of Scotland, ye fiftie fourth. Ano: Dom. 1620."
John Carver,                  Edward Tilly,              Digery Priest,
William Bradford,          John Tilly,                   Thomas Williams,
Edward Winslow,          Francis Cooke,          Gilbert Winslow,
William Brewster,          Thomas Rogers,         Edmund Margeson,
Isaac Allerton,               Thomas Tinker,          Peter Brown,
Miles Standish,              John Rigdale,             Richard Bitteridge,
John Alden,                   Edward Fuller,           George Soule,
Samuel Fuller,               John Turner,               Richard Clark,
Christopher Martin,       Francis Eaton,            Richard Clark,
William Mullins,             James Chilton,           John Allerton,
William White,               John Craxton,           Thomas English,
Richard Warren,            John Billington,          Edward Doten,
John Howland,              Moses Fletcher,         Edward Leister
Stephen Hopkins           John Goodman,

Source:  Bradford, William, Of Plimoth Plantation (Bradford recorded the text and Nathaniel Morton, nephew of Bradford, recorded the names).

Accounts of The First Encounter

    Wednesday, the sixth of December [1620]. It was resolved our discoverers should set forth…So ten of our men were appointed who were of themselves willing to undertake it, to wit, Captain Standish, Master Carver, William Bradford, Edward Winslow, John Tilley, Edward Tilley, John Howland, and three of London, Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins, and Edward Doten, and two of our seamen, John Alderton, and Thomas English. Of the ship's company there went two of the master's mates, Master Clarke and Master Coppin, the master gunner, and three sailors…

Source:  Mourt's Relation, 1622, Jordan D. Fiore edition (Plymouth, MA:  Plymouth Rock Foundation, 1985), p. 27-28.

    …the 6th of December (1620) they sent out their shallop again with ten of their principal men and some seamen, upon further discovery, intending to circulate that deep bay of Cape Cod. The weather was very cold and it froze so hard as the spray of the sea lighting on their coats, they were as if they had been glazed. Yet that night betimes they got down into the bottom of the bay, and as they drew near the shore they saw some ten or twelve Indians very busy about something. They landed about a league or two from them…they made themselves a barricado with logs and boughs as well as they could in the time, and set out their sentinel and betook them to rest, and saw the smoke of the fire the savages made that night. When morning was come they divided their company, some to coast along the shore in the boat, and the rest marched through the woods to see the land, if any fit place might be for their dwelling. They came also to the place where they saw the Indians the night before, and found they had been cutting up a great fish like a grampus…So they ranged up and down all that day, but found no people, nor any place they liked. When the sun grew low, they hasted out of the woods to meet with their shallop…of which they were very glad, for they had not seen each other all that day since the morning. So they made them a barricado as usually they did every night, with logs, stakes and thick pine boughs, the height of a man, leaving it open to leeward, partly to shelter them from the cold and wind (making their fire in the middle and lying round about it) and partly to defend them from any sudden assaults of the savages, if they should surround them; so being very weary, they betook them to rest. But about midnight they heard a hideous and great cry, and their sentinel called "Arm! arm!" So they bestirred them and stood to their arms and shot off a couple of muskets, and then the noise ceased. They concluded it was a company of wolves or such like wild beasts, for one of the seamen told them he had often heard such noise in Newfoundland. "So they rested till about five of the clock in the morning; for the tide, and their purpose to go from thence, made them be stirring betimes. So after prayer they prepared for breakfast, and it being day dawning it was thought best to be carrying things down to the boat…
But presently, all on the sudden, they heard a great and strange cry, which they knew to be the same voices they heard in the night, though they varied their notes; and one of their company being abroad came running in and cried, "Men, Indians! Indians!" And withal, their arrows came flying amongst them. Their men ran with all speed to recover their arms, as by the good providence of God they did. In the meantime, of those that were there ready, two muskets were discharged at them, and two more stood ready in the entrance of their rendezvous but were commanded not to shoot till they could take full aim at them. And the other two charged again with all speed, for there were only four had arms there, and defended the barricado, which was first assaulted. The cry of the Indians was dreadful, especially when they saw their men run out of the rendezvous toward the shallop to recover their arms, the Indians wheeling about upon them. But some running out with coats of mail on, and cutlasses in their hands, they soon got their arms and let fly amongst them and quickly stopped their violence…
Thus it pleased God to vanquish their enemies and give them deliverance; and by his special providence so to dispose that not any one of them were either hurt or hit, though their arrows came close by them and on every side [of] them; and sundry of their coats, which hung up in the barricado, were shot through and through. Afterwards they gave God solemn thanks and praise for their deliverance, and gathered up a bundle of their arrows and sent them into England afterward by the master of the ship, and called that place the First Encounter.

Source:  William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, Samuel Eliot Morison edition (New York:  Knopf, 1991), p. 68-72. 

Property Records

Division of Land, 1623

The meersteads & garden plotes of — which came first layd out 1620…
The Falles of their grounds which came first over in the May Floure, according as thier lotes were cast 1623…
These lye one the South side of the brook to the woodward opposite to the former…
…these contain .29. akres.
John Howland  4…

Division of Cattle, 1627

    At a publique court held the 22th of May it was concluded by the whole Companie, that the cattell wch were the Companies, to wit, the Cowes & the Goates should be equally devided to all the psonts of the same company ... & so the lotts fell as followeth, thirteene psonts being pportioned to one lot ...
    The fourth lot fell to John Howland & his company
    Joyned to him his wife
    2 Elizabeth Howland
    3 John Howland Junor
    4 Desire Howland
    5 William Wright
    6 Thomas Morton Junor
    7 John Alden
    8 Prissilla Alden
    9 Elizabeth Alden
    10 Clemont Briggs
    11 Edward Dolton
    12 Edward Holdman
    13 Joh. Alden.
    To this lot fell one of the 4 heyfers Came in the Jacob Called Raghorne.

Source:  Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, etc., Vol. I, 1627-1651.

10 Jan 1680

Jabez Howland of Plymouth a Blacksmith in consideration of 50 Lbs. current silver money paid by Elkanah Watson a Blacksmith to him and his Heirs forever hath sold all the my house and land called by the Name of a garden spot. Be it one-half acre that I bought and purchased of Jacob Mitchell lying and being on the south side of the house and garden of Gyles Rickard senior with all other edifices, buildings and fences that have and are New Made and set upon said Gorden spot and also all the my tow acres of Upland that was given unto me by my father Mr. John Howland in his last will and lying and being on the west end of the aforesaid garden between the said Town Brook and the lands of said GyIes Rickard senior and all theat my two or three acres of Upland given, granted and exchanged unto me by aforesaid town of Plymouth lying and being between the aforesaid Town Brook and the said GyIes Rickard his land and adjoynes unto the aforesaid Upland given me by will.
Jabez Howland
Elizabeth Howland senior yeilded up her free right also in the house and land above mentioned, Before mee William Bradford Assistant

Bethyah Howland wife of Jabez Howland above mentioned gave her free consent to this deed the 15th of January 1680 before mee William Bradford Assistant

Source:  Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, Old Colony Records, Vol. 4, p. 393.

For images of the Jabez Howland House (including the bedroom where John and Elizabeth stayed), click here:

Court Record

[25] Plymouth                       Prenc Governor
This deponent saieth that upon the — day of Aprill John Hocking Riding at ankor wth in our limitts above the howse mr John Howland went up to him w'th our barke and charged the said Hocking to waye his Ankcors and depart who answered hee would not wth foule speeches demaunding whie he spake not to them that sent him fourth: answere was mad by John Howland that the last yeare a boat was sent haveing no other busines to know whether it was theire mind that hee should thus wrong vs in our trade who returned answer they sent him not thether and therfore mr Howland tould him that hee would not now suffer him ther to ride, John Hocking demaunded what he would doe whether he would shout ; mr Howland answered no but he would put him from thence John Hocking said and swore he would not shoot but swore if we came abord him he would send us — thus passing by him we came to an ankcor sumthing nere his barke mr Howland bid three of his men goe cutt his Cable whose names weare John Irish Thomas Savory and William Rennoles who prsently cut one but were put by the other by the strength of the streme mr Howland seeing they could not well bring the Cannow to the other cable caled them abord and bad Moses Talbott go wth them who accordingly went very reddyly & brought the Canow to Hockings cable he being upon the deck came wth a carbine & a pistole in his hand & prsently prsented his peece at Thomas Savory but the canow wth the tide was put nere the bow of the barke wch Hocking seeing prsently put his peece almost to Moyses Talbotts head, wch mr Howland seeing called to him desiering him not to shut his man but take himselfe for his mark saying his men did but that wch hee commaunded them and therfore desiered him not to hurt any of them if any wrong was don it was himselfe that did it and therfore caled againe to him to take him for his marke saying he stod very fayer but Hocking would not heare nor looke toward our barke but prsently shooteth Moyses In the head, and prsently tooke up his pistell in his hand but the lord stayed him from doing any further hurt by a shot from our barke himselfe was presently strooke dead being shott neare the same place in the head wher he had murderously shot Moyses.

Source:  “Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories”, Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 2, No. 1, Jan 1900, pgs. 10-11.

Military Record

…1644, June 22. “At a Townes meeting the xxiith June 1644
 “In Case of Alarume in tyme of warr or Danger these Divisions of the Towneship are to be observed & these companys to repaire together

At Joanes River    { mr Bradfords famyly one
                            { mr Princes one
                            { mr Hanbury one
                            { mr Howland one
                            { ffrancis Cooke one
                            { Phineas Pratt
                            { Gregory Armestrong
                            { John Winslow
                            { mr Lee”…

Source:  MacDonough, Rodney, “Phineas Pratt of Plymouth and Charlestown”, The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 4, No. 2, Apr 1902, p. 97. 

Vital Records

Page 8, 1649
Ephraim Hicks maried vnto Elizabeth Howland the 13th of September.
Ephraim Hicks died the 12th of December.

Page 25
Thomas Cushman was married to Ruth Howland the 17th day of Nouember, 1664.
Joseph Howland was married to Elizabeth Southworth the seauenth day of December, anno 1664.

Page 34
The 23th of February, 1672/3, Mr John Howland, Seni'r, of the towne of Plymouth, deceased. Hee was a godly man and an ancient professor in the wayes of Christ ; hee liued vntill hee attained aboue eighty yeares in the world. Hee was one of the first comers into this land, and proued a vsefull instrument of good in his place, & was the last man that was left of those that came ouer in the shipp called the May Flower, that liued in Plymouth ; hee was with honor intered att the towne of Plymouth on the 25 of February, 1672/3.

Page 73, 1651
John Dickarson married to Elizabeth Hickes the 10 of July.
John Howland married to Mary Lee the 26th of October.

Source:  Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. (ed.), Records of Plymouth Colony:  Births, Marriages, Deaths, Burials and Other Records, 1633-1689, Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.

Church Record

on February, 24 : dyed Mr John Howland in his eightieth yeare, he was a good old disciple, & had bin sometime a magistrate here, a plaine-hearted christian

Source:  Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Volume XXII, Collections : Plymouth Church Records 1620-1859, Part I  (Boston : The Society, 1920), p. 144, 147. See also, Bowman, George Ernest (transcriber), “Plymouth First Church Records”, Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 4, No. 4, Oct 1902, Boston:  Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, p. 216.


Here Lyeth Interred ye Body of Mrs Hope Chipman ye Wife of Elder John Chipman Aged 54 Years Who Changed This Life For A Beter ye 8 of January 1683

Source:  Carlson, Robert Paine, Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery Up To 1729,, citing the transcriptions of Gustavus Hinckley. 

Wills and Inventories

John Howland’s Will and Inventory.
Transcribed from the original records.
By George Ernest Bowman

    John Howland died at Plymouth, on the twenty third of February 1672-3 and his will and inventory were recorded in Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume III, Part I, pages 49 to 54.

(p. 49)   The Last Will and Testament of mr John howland of Plymouth late Deceased, exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift day of March Anno Dom 1672 on the oaths of mr Samuell ffuller and mr William Crow as followeth
    Know all men to whom these prsents shall Come That I John howland senir of the Towne of New Plymouth in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England in America, this twenty ninth Day of May one thousand six hundred seaventy and two being of whole mind, and in Good and prfect memory and Remembrance praised be God; being now Grown aged; haveing many Infeirmities of body upon mee; and not Knowing how soon God will call mee out of this world, Doe make and ordaine these prsents to be my testament Containing herein my last Will in manor and forme following;
    Imp I Will and bequeath my body to the Dust and my soule to God that Gave it in hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection unto Glory; and as Concerning my temporall estates, I Dispos(e) therof as followeth;
    Item I Doe give and bequeath unto John howland my eldest sonne besides what lands I have alreddy given him, all my Right and Interest To that one hundred acrees of land graunted mee by the Court lying on the easter(n) side of Taunton River; between Teticutt and Taunton bounds and all the appurtenances and privilidges Therunto belonging, T belonge to him and his heires and assignes for ever; and if that Tract should faile, then to ha(ve) all my Right title and Interest by and in that Last Court graunt to mee in any other place, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever;
    Item I give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all those my upland and Medow That I now posesse at Satuckett and Paomett, and places adjacent, with all the appurtenances and privilidges, belonging therunto, and all my right title and Interest therin, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever,
    Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all that my one peece of land that I have lying on the southsyde of the Mill brooke, in the towne of Plymou(th) aforsaid; be it more or less; and is on the Northsyde of a fei(ld) that is now Gyles rickards senir to belonge to the said Jabez his heires and assignes for ever;
    Item I give and bequeath into Isacke howland my youngest sonne all those my uplands and meddowes Devided and undivided with all the appurtena(n)ce(s) and priviliges unto them belonging, lying and being in the Towne of Middlebery, and in a tract of Land Called the Majors Purchase neare Namassakett Ponds; which I have bought and purchased of William White of Marshfeild in the Collonie of New Plymouth; which may or shall appeer by any Deed or writing that is Given under the said Whites hand all such Deeds or writinges Together with the aformensioned prticulares To belonge to the said Isacke his heires and assignes for ever;
    Item I give and bequeath unto my said son Isacke howland the one half of my twelve acree lott of Meddow That I now have att Winnatucsett River within the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid To belonge to him the said Isacke howland his heires and assignes for ever;
    Item I Will and bequeath unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland the use and benifitt of my now Dwelling house in Rockey nooke in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid, with the outhousing lands, That is [p.50] uplands and meddow lands and all appurtenances and privilidges therunto belonging in the Towne of Plymouth and all other Lands housing and meddowes that I have in the said Towne of Plymouth excepting what meddow and upland I have before given To my sonnes Jabez and Isacke howland During her naturall life to Injoy make use of and Improve for her benifitt and Comfort;
    Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph howland after the Decease of amy loveing wife Elizabeth howland my aforsaid Dwelling house att Rockey nooke together with all the outhousing uplands and Meddowes appurtenances and privilidges belonging therunto; and all other housing uplands and meddowes appurtenances and privilidges That I have within the aforsaid Towne of New Plymouth excepting what lands and meadowes I have before Given To my two sonnes Jabez and Isacke; To belong to him the said Joseph howland To him and his heires and assignes for ever;
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Desire Gorum twenty shillings
    Item I give and bequeath To my daughter hope Chipman twenty shillings
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Dickenson twenty shillings
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Lydia Browne twenty shillings
    Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter hannah Bosworth twenty shillings
    Item I give and bequeath  unto my Daughter Ruth Cushman twenty shillings
    Item I give to my Grandchild Elizabeth howland The Daughter of my son John howland twenty shillings
    Item my will is That these legacyes Given to my Daughters, be payed by my exequitrix in such species as shee thinketh meet;
    Item I will and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth howland, my Debts and legacyes being first payed, my whole estate: viz: lands houses goods Chattles; or any thinge else that belongeth or appertaineth unto mee, undisposed of be it either in Plymouth Duxburrow or Middlebery or any other place whatsoever; I Doe freely and absolutly give and bequeath it all to my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland whom I Doe by these prsents, make ordaine and Constitute to be the sole exequitrix of this my Last will and Testament to see the same truely and faithfully prformed according to the tenour thereof; In witness wherof I the said John howland senir have hereunto sett my hand and seale the aforsaid twenty ninth Day of May, one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 1672.
Signed and sealed in the                                                                                        John Howland
prsence of Samuell ffuller                                                                                     And a seale
                                William Crow

[p. 51]  A trew Inventory of all the goods Cattles Chattles and lands of Mr John howland, lately Deceasd taken and aprised by Elder Thomas Cushman Serjeant Tinkham and William Crow the third of March Anno 1672/73 and exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift of March 1672/73 on the oathe of mrs Elizabeth howland widdow as followeth

                                                    In the outward or fier Rome                               s   d
Impr 1 muskett 1 long Gun 1 Cutlas 1 belt att                                                     02 10 00
Item 1 Chimney Iron barr 2 paire of pot hangers                                                 00 09 00
Item 1 fier shovell 1 paire of tonges 1 paire of Cob }
    irons                                                                  }                                          00 07 00
Item 1 frying pan 1 smoothing box and Irons                                                       00 05 06
Item 1 adds 2 axes 1 mortising axe 1 hoe                                                            00 11 06
Item 3 augers 1 pikaxe                                                                                       00 05 00
Item 1 hammer 1 paire of Pincers 1 Drawing knife  }
    1 spliting knife                                                    }                                          00 02 00
Item 2 Cow bells 1 old Chaine, and Divers peeces }
    of old Iron Aules & a box                                  }                                          00 05 00
Item 2 presshookes 1 paire of sheep sheers 2 sickles                                          00 04 00
Item 1 pruning Instrument 1 peece of steele                                                        00 02 00
Item 2 staples 1 peec of a Chaine                                                                       00 01 06
Item 2 staples 4 peeces of a chaine                                                                    00 01 06
Item 1 Dagger three knives 2 paire of sissers 1  }
    paire of stilliyards                                          }                                               00 06 00
Item 1 padlock 1 thwart saw 3 wedges 1 ploughshare                                        00 10 00
Item 3 Iron potts 1 paire of pothookes 1 Iron kettle                                            01 06 00
Item 2 brasse kittles 1 warming pan                                                                    01 15 00
Item 1 skimer 1 ladle 1 sawsse pan 1 brasse skillet                                             00 04 06
Item 6 pewter platters 3 basons 3 smale pewter thinges                                      01 07 00
Item a quart pot 1 candlesticke 1 beer bowle                                                     00 05 00
Item 3 porringers 1 Dram cupp 1 Tunnell                                                           00 03 00
Item 2 salt sellers 2 chamber potts 7 spoones                                                     00 10 00
Item 1 Iron candlesticke 1 latten pott 1 Ironsockett                                            00 02 00
Item 1 shove Iron 2 washers 2 old sikles and old Iron                                        00 02 00
Item 4 earthen potts 1 pan and 1 Jugg and earthen  }
    ware                                                                  }                                         00 02 00
Item 1 hatchell                                                                                                  00 05 00
Item 1 great bible and Annotations on the 5 bookes  }
    of Moses                                                             }                                       01 00 00
Item mr Tindalls workes mr Wilsons workes 7 more }
    bookes                                                                }                                      01 00 00
Item 3 wheeles 1 cherne 1 straning Dish                                                           00 13 00
Item 3 cheesfatts 11 trayes 1 kimnell                                                                00 05 06
Item 3 pailes six tubbs 1 ladle 1 cheese ladder                                                  00 14 06
Item trenchers Roleing pins and some smale things                                            00 02 00
Item 3 Chaires stooles old barrells 3 Cushens                                                   00 07 00
Item 3 beer vessels                                                                                         00 04 00
                                                                                                                       16 06 00

[p.52]                                        In the Inward Rome or bedchamber
    his wearing apparell
Item 3 hatts                                                                                                     00 16 00
Item 3 great coates                                                                                          02 00 00
Item 1 suite of cloth                                                                                         03 00 00
Item 1 serge suite                                                                                            01 10 00
Item 1 homespon suite and wastcoate                                                              00 15 00
Item 1 suite                                                                                                     00 12 00
Item old clothes                                                                                               00 06 00
Item 2 red wastcoates                                                                                      01 05 00
Item 6 paire of Stokens                                                                                    01 00 00
Item 1 Jackett and one paire of Mittnes                                                            00 13 06
Item 1 holland shirt                                                                                          00 12 00
Item 4 shirts                                                                                                    00 18 00
Item 4 holland capps 4 Dowlis capps and 4 other capps                                  00 10 00
Item 2 silke Neckclothes                                                                                 00 07 06
Item 1 paire of bootes 2 paire of shooes                                                         01 00 00
                                                                                                                      15 11 00

In the said Rome

Item 4 remnants of clothe                                                                                00 19 00
Item 2 yards of serge                                                                                      00 10 00
Item 3 yards of carsey                                                                                01 15 00
Item 4 Dozen of buttons 10 skines of silke 3 yards }
    of Manchester                                                       }                                   00 04 00
Item 17 yards of fflax and cotton cloth att                                                        02 11 00
Item 1 peece of fine Dowlis                                                                             00 08 06
Item 1 remnant of lincye woolsey                                                                    00 08 00
Item about 16 yards of several remnants of homade  }
    Cloth vallued att                                                   }                                    03 10 00
                                                                                                                      10 05 06

In the aforsaid Inward Roome

Item 1 pound of woolen yerne                                                                         00 03 00
Item 1 paire of sheets                                                                                      01 05 00
Item 2 paire of sheets                                                                                      01 10 00
Item 1 paire of sheets 1 halfe sheet                                                                  01 05 00
Item 1 paire of sheets att                                                                                 00 10 00
Item a paire of holland pillowbeers                                                                  00 08 09
Item 2 paire of pillowbeers                                                                              00 08 09
Item 3 pillowbeers                                                                                          00 06 00
Item 1 Table cloth and 7 napkins                                                                     00 13 00
Item 10 towells                                                                                               00 07 00
Item 4 smale Table clothes                                                                              00 04 00
Item 2 smale pillowbeers                                                                                 00 01 06
Item 1 Table and 2 formes                                                                              00 10 00
Item 1 cobbert and a framed chaire                                                                 00 08 00
Item 4 chest and 1 settle                                                                                 01 00 00
Item 1 bedsted and box and coard                                                                 00 12 00
Item 1 seifting trough and 2 seives                                                                  00 04 00
Item 1 glass 2 glasse bottles 2 earthen potts                                                    00 03 00
Item 1 wineglasse gallipotts and spectacles                                                     00 02 00
Item 2 paire of coards one bed cord 1 fishing line                                           00 05 06
Item some hobnailes & twelvepeny nailes                                                       00 02 00
Item 5 peeces of Dresed lether one peece of taned  }
    lether                                                                  }                                    00 06 00
Item a smale prcell of hemp and hopps                                                          00 02 00
Item 3 or 4 basketts 1 brush 1 file                                                                 00 01 00
[p. 53] Item Cotton woole about a Dozen pound                                           00 12 00
Item 3 old caske                                                                                           00 02 00
Item 1 feather bed and bolster 3 great & 2 smale  }
    pillowes                                                           }                                       05 00 00
Item 5 blanketts                                                                                            03 15 00
Item 1 rugg and one blankett                                                                         01 15 00
Item 1 blankett att                                                                                         00 15 00
Item in reddy mony                                                                                       01 19 00
Item a smale prcell of powder shott and bulletts                                             00 03 00
Item 1 Inkhorn                                                                                             00 00 06
                                                                                                                    24 14 03

In the uper Roome or Chamber

Item 1 feather bed bolster and pillow                                                             04 00 00
Item 2 blanketts and a Rugg                                                                          01 05 00
Item 1 woole or fflocke bed 2 feather bolsters and a  }
    pillow                                                                   }                                  02 00 00
Item 2 blanketts                                                                                            00 15 00
Item 1 bedstead cord and box                                                                      00 10 00
Item 1 prcell of sheeps woole about fifteene pound                                        00 25 00
Item a prcell of feathers about 15 or 16 pound                                              00 15 00
Item a cupple of old hogsheds and an old candlesticke                                  00 02 00
Item 20 bushells or therabouts of Indian corne                                              03 00 00
Item 4 bushells of Mault or thereabouts                                                        00 16 00
Item 4 bushells of Rye or therabouts                                                             00 14 00
Item 6 bushells of wheat or therabouts                                                          01 07 00
Item 3 peckes of pease or therabouts                                                           00 02 00
Item 2 bushells and a halfe of barly or therabouts                                          00 01 00
Item 2 ffliches of bacon and 1 third of a barrell of  }
    porke                                                               }                                     02 00 00
Item 1 halfe of a barrell of beeff and 2 empty barrells                                    00 15 00
Item 15 pound of Tallow and Candles                                                          00 07 06
Item 34 pound of butter & lard                                                                    00 17 00
Item 14 pound of sugare                                                                              00 07 00
Item 1 halfe hogshed                                                                                   00 03 00
Item 1 pad 1 pillian 1 bridle 1 sheepskin                                                      00 05 00
Item 6 pound of Tobacco 1 pecke of beans                                                00 04 00
Item 1 grindstone and handles 1 ffan                                                           00 09 00
Item 8 baggs 15s old Iron 1 shilling                                                            00 16 00
                                                                                                                 22 14 06


Item 2 mares and one colt                                                                          03 00 00
Item 4 oxen 4 cowes                                                                                 24 00 00
Item 2 heiffers and 3 steers of three years old                                             12 10 00
Item 2 two yeare old heiffers 2 yearling calves                                            03 10 00
Item 13 swine                                                                                            04 15 00
Item 45 sheep young and old                                                                     15 00 00
Item the one halfe of a paire of Iron bound wheeles }
    and cart and 12 bolts 2 shakles                           }                                 02 02 06
Item 1 paire of hookes and a staple                                                            00 01 06
Item 1 bullockes hyde                                                                                00 14 00
Item a cannooe                                                                                         00 05 00
                                                                                                                 65 18 00


Debts Due to the Testator
ffrom John Branch of Marshfeild att 2 severall payments }
    the sume of                                                                }                          08 00 00
Edward Gray 1 barrell of salt                                                                     00 12 00
Item a Debt Due from a frind                                                                    00 10 00
                                                                                                                 09 02 00
Brought from the other side                                                                     155 09   3
                                                                                                     Sume  164 11 03

Debts owing by the Testator

To Elder Thomas Cushman                                                                        00 15 00
To Thomas Cushman Junir                                                                         00 05 00
To John Clarke                                                                                         00 10 06
To Edward Gray                                                                                       00 08 03
To William Crow                                                                                      00 02 00
To John Gorum                                                                                         01 12 00
To two or three smale Debts about                                                            00 02 00
ffunerall Charges                                                                                       03 08 00
Debts Deducted                                                                                       07 02 02
The totale of the estate prissed                                                                157 08 08

    Wee find that the Testator Died posessed of these severall prcells of Land following;
Impr his Dwelling house with the outhousing uplands and meddow belonging therunto lying att Rockey nooke in the Towne of New Plymouth
    Item a prcell of meddow att Jonses river meddow
    Item the one halfe of a house and a prcell of meddow and upland belonging therunto lying and being att Colchester in the aforsaid Townshipp;
    Itm a prcell of meddow and upland belonging therunto; lying neare Joness river bridge in the Towne of Duxburrow
    Item one house and 2 shares of a tract of land and meddow that lyeth in the Towne of Middleberry that was purchased by Captaine Thomas Southworth of and from the Indian Sachem Josias Wampatucke
    Item 2 Shares of a track of Land Called the Majors Purchase lying neare Namassakett ponds

pr nos Thomas Cushman senir
Ephraim Tinkam senir
William Crow
Source:  Bowman, George Ernest, “John Howland’s Will and Inventory”, The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 2, No. 2, Apr 1900, pgs. 70-77.

Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland’s Will.
Transcribed from the original records,
By George Ernest Bowman.

    Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, widow of John Howland and daughter of John Tilley, died at Swansea on Wednesday, 21/31 December, 1687, at the house of her daughter Lydia, the wife of James Brown. Her will is recorded in the Bristol County, Mass., Probate Records, Volume 1, pages 13 and 14. No inventory is on record and the original will has disappeared from the files.


    In ye Name of God Amen I Elizabeth Howland of Swanzey in ye County of Bristoll in ye Collony of Plymouth in New Engld being Seventy nine yeares of Age but of good & perfect memory thanks be to Allmighty God & calling to Remembrance ye uncertain Estate of this transitory Life & that all flesh must Yeild unto Death when it shall please God to call Doe make constitute & ordaine & Declare This my last Will & Testament, in manner & forme following Revoking and Anulling by these prsents all & every Testamt & Testamts Will & Wills heretofore by me made & declared either by Word or Writing And this to be taken only for my last Will & Testament & none other. And first being penitent & sorry from ye bottom of my heart for all my sinns past most humbly desiring forgivenesse for ye same I give & Comitt my soule unto Allmighty God my Saviour & Redeemer in whome & by ye meritts of Jesus Christ I trust & believe assuredly to be saved & to have full remission & forgivenesse of all my sins & that my Soule wt my Body at the generall Day of Resurrection shall rise againe wt Joy & through ye meritts of Christs Death & passion possesse & inheritt ye Kingdome of heaven prepared for his Elect & Chosen & my Body to be buryed in such place where it shall please my Executrs hereafter named to appoint And now for ye settling my temporall Estate & such goodes Chattells & Debts as it hath pleased God far above my Deserts to bestow upon me I Do Dispose order & give ye same in manner & forme following (That is to say) First that after my funerall Expences & Debts paid wc I owe either of right or in Conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever in Convenient tyme after my Decease by my Execrs hereafter named I Give & bequeath unto my Eldest Son John Howland ye sum of five pounds to be paid out of my Estate & my booke called Mr Tindale’s Workes & also one pair of sheetes & one prof pillowbeeres & one pr of Bedblanketts, Item I give unto my son Joseph Howland my Stillyards & also one pr of sheetes & one pt of pillobeeres Item I give unto my son Jabez Howland my ffetherbed & boulster yt is in his Custody & also one Rugg & two Blanketts yt belongeth to ye said Bed & also my great Iron pott & potthookes Item I give unto my son Isaack Howland my Booke called Willson on ye Romanes & one pr of sheetes & one paire of pillowbeeres & also my great Brasse Kettle already in his possession  Item I give unto my Son in Law Mr James Browne my great Bible Item I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Lidia Browne my best ffeatherbed & Boulster two pillowes & three Blanketts & a green Rugg & my small Cupboard one pr of AndyIrons & my lesser brasse Kettle & my small Bible & my booke of mr Robbinsons Workes called Observations Divine & Morrall & allso my finest pr of Sheetes & my Holland pillowbeeres, Item I give unto my Daughter Elisabeth Dickenson one pr of Sheetes & one pr of pillowbeeres & one Chest Item give unto my Daughter Hannah Bosworth one pr of sheets & one pr of pillowbeeres, Item I give unto my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Bursley one paire of sheets and one paire of Pillowbeeres Item I give & bequeath unto my Grandson Nathanael Howland (the son of Joseph Howland) and to the heires of his owne Body lawfully begotten for ever all that my Lott of Land with ye Meadow thereunto adjoyning & belonging lying in the Township of Duxbury neare Jones River bridge, Item I give unto my Grandson James Browne One Iron barr and on Iron Trammell now in his possession, Item I give unto my Grandson Jabez Browne one Chest Item I give unto my Grand Daughter Dorothy Browne My best Chest & my Warming pan Item I give unto my Grand Daughter Desire Cushman four Sheep, Item I give & bequeath my wearing clothes linnen and Woollen and all the rest of my Estate in mony Debts linnen or of what kind or nature or sort soever it may be unto my three Daughters Elisabeth Dickenson, Lidia Browne and Hannah Bosworth to be equally Devided amongst them, Item I make constitute and ordaine my loving Son in Law James Browne and my loving son Jabez Howland [p. 14] Executors of this my last Will and Testament, Item it is my Will & Charge to all my Children that they walke in ye Feare of ye Lord, and in Love and peace towards each other and endeavour the true performance of this my last Will & Testament In Witnesse whereof I the said Elisabeth Howland have hereunto sett my hand & seale this seventeenth Day of December Anno Dm one thousand six hundred Eighty & six.

The mark of Elisabeth E H Howland (sigittu)
Signed Sealed & Delivd

in ye prsence of Us Wittnesses
            Hugh Cole
            Samuel Vyall
            John Browne

Know all men that on ye tenth Day of Janry Anno Dm 1687/8 Before me Nathanl Byfield Esqr Judge of his Majties Inferiour Court of Plea’s for ye County of Bristoll, present Jno Walley Esqr one of ye Members of his Majties Councill in New England & Capt Benjam Church Justice of Peace The abovewritten Will of Elizabeth Howland was proved approved & allowed And ye Administracon of all & singuler ye goodes Rights and Creditts of ye said Deced was Committed unto James Browne & Jabez Howland Execrs in ye same Will named well & truly to Administer ye same according to the Will of ye Deced In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Sett ye Seale of ye Office for Probate of Wills & granting Lettrs of Admincon ye yeare & Day by me abovewritten
(Sigittu officij)                                                                                            Nathanael Byfield

Thus Entred & ingrossed this 26: of Janry Anno Dm 1687/8 pr Steph Burton

Source:  Bowman, George Ernest, “Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland’s Will”, The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan 1901, pgs. 54-57.

Captain Joseph2 Howland’s Will and Inventory.
Transcribed from the Original Documents,
By George Ernest Bowman.

    Capt. Joseph Howland, the son of John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, died at Plymouth in January, 1703/4. This statement is made twice in the records of the First Church (Part III, pages 1 and 6), and his will was dated 23 December, 1703, and the inventory taken 31 January, 1703/4.
    The will and inventory are recorded in the Plymouth County Probate Records, Volume II, pages 43 - 45, but the transcript here presented is taken from the original documents, still preserved in the files. The will is twelve and three-fourths inches wide and sixteen and one-half inches high. It is badly cracked in the creases where it has been folded. The inventory is seven and seven-eighths by twelve inches and it is badly cracked. In a few cases it was necessary to complete the copy by comparison with the record.
    The will was evidently written out in 1691, and necessary changes made, and the codicil added, in December, 1703, as shown by the erasures and interlineations noted.

[Capt. Joseph2 Howland’s Will.]

    Be itt Known To all men by these presents That I Joseph Houland of the Towne of plimouth in the County of New plimouth in New England Being Weake of Body but of perfect and sound Memory and understanding blessed be god yet Considering my frailty and uncertainty of Abiding in this vaile of tears Doe therefore Make and ordaine, and by these presents I doe Make and ordaine these presents to be my last Will and Testament to stand good and to Remaine firme and Inviolable for Ever in Manner and forme ffollowing Inprimis I will and bequeath my Body to the dust and my soule to god that gave it mee in hopes of A Joyfull Resurextion through the Merrits of my Deere Redemer and as for that Estate that that god hath given to mee I dispose of as ffolloweth In primis I doe give unto My Deere and Loveing, Wife Elizabeth Howland all My whole Estate both housing uplands and Meadow lands and Moveables to be for her use and support during her Natturall life[2] Item I doe give unto my sone Thomas Howland all that my housing uplands and meadowlands that was given to mee By my father in law Capt Thomas Southworth lying in the Towneship of plimouth all which housing and lands I doe give unto my sone Thomas howland after My Wifs decease to him and his heirs for ever as allsoe I doe give unto my sone Thomas howland My long gun: and My Belt and Raper, Item I doe give unto my sone James howland My now dweling hous and all the upland and medo that I am now posesed of lying in Rockkenook as allsoe 4 Acrees of salt Marsh Meddow lying Neere Jons River bridg on the southerly syde of the Rever all which lands and meadows after my Wifes decease I doe give unto my sone James howland to him and his for Ever (he the said James howland Allowing and paying unto his Three[3] sisters that is to say lydiah[4] howland Elizabeth howland and Marcy howland to each of them five pounds apece.) as also one Musket and a Cuttleas Item Wereas my sone Nathaniel hath thirty Acrees of uplan be it more or less and two acrees of meadow give to him by his granmother[5] howland lying on the notherly syde of Jons Rever I alsoe doe give unto him my sone Nathaniel Howland two Acrees of salt marsh meddow out of the barkers that lyeth on the southerly side of Jons Rever[6] all which meadow I doe give unto my sone Nathaniel Howland to him and his heirs for Ever as also I doe give unto my sone Nathaniel howland A smale gun Item all other lands belonging unto mee that is not herein above disposed of I doe give it unto My deere and loving wife for her to dispose of to sell or otherwise to dispose of for her support and Comfort; lastly I doe Appoint my deer and loveing Wife Elizabeth Howland to be the sole Execatrix of this my last will and testament to pay such debts as I owe and to Receive such debts as is owing unto me to se my Body deacently buryed and to defray the Charg thereof; and I doe Request My two Sons Thomas howland and James howland[7] and Thomas faunce to be the superadvisors of this my last Will and Testament Much Confiding in their love and faithfullnes to be helpfull to my said Execatrix in the acting and disposeing of perticklors according to the tenner here of Thus hopeing that this my last will and testament will be kept Revoaking all former wills either verbell or written I the said Joseph Howland hath hereunto sett my hand and affixed my seale; on the 23d day of December one thousand sevn hundred and three 1703[8]
Signed Sealed and declared to                                                    Joseph J H houl         (seal)
be my last will and Testament                                                             his marke
In presence of us Witneses
Rebecca R Standford
        her marke
Thomas A Palmer
        his marke
Ephraim Little

A Codicill to my Last will.

    Item . I do give and bequeath to my daughter mercy howland Six Ewes and my three year old mare to be delivered to her, within twelve months after my decease,
    Item I do give to mary the daughter of my daughter Sarah howland deceased five pounds, to be paid to her by my Son James howland at ye Same time the five pounds apeice above Expressd shall become due to my sd daughters Lydia Elizabeth & mercy howland.
    Item. I do give to my Son James howland all my part of ye tackling or Instruments of husbandry, wch wee have used between us.
    Witness my hand & Seal ye day & year abovewritten.
In presence of us.                                                                  Joseph J H howland         (seal)
Rebecca R Standford                                                                     his marke
        her marke
Thomas A palmer
        his marke
Ephraim Little

Memorand That Mr EPhraim Little & Rebeca Stanford two of the Witneses to this above written Instrumt made oath that they saw the above named Joseph Howland Signe seale & heard him declare the abovewritten to be his last Will & Testament & to the best of their understanding he was of a disposeing mind & memory when he so did & That Thomas Palmer the other Witness then also set to his hand as a witness of the same
        before me the 10th day of March 1703
                                                                        Nathaniel Thomas  Judge of Probats

[On the back of the will.] Thomas Palmer the other Witness named to this Instrument declared upon his oath that he was prsent with Mr EPhraim Little & Rebecca Stanford & heard Mr Joseph Howland declare that a writing which was then prsented was his last Will & Testament & that he set his marke to it as a Witness & he saw Mr Little Steady Mr howlands hand when he signed said Will & that to the best of his understanding he was in his Right mind when he so did
        before me March 10th 1703
                                                            Nathaniel Thomas J Probats

[II: 44[9]] Pli: ss Nathaniel Thomas Esqr: Appointed & Comisonated Judge of the Probates of wills & Granting letters of Administration &c: To all unto whome these presents shall Come Greeting Know yee that on the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven Hundred [p. 45] Hundred & three Before me at Plimouth in the County of Plimouth the Will of Capt: Joseph Howland late of Plimouth aforesd deceased to these presents annexed was proved approved & allowed who having whilst he lived & at the time of his death Goods Chattels Rights or Creditts in the County aforesd And the probate of the sd will & power of Comitting administration of all and singuler the goods Chattels Rights & Creditts of the sd deceased & also the hearing examining & allowing the accompts of the same by virtue thereof appertaining unto me; The Administration or all & singuler the goods Chattels Rights & Creditts of the sd deceased & his will in any manner concerning is heerby Comitted unto Mrs Elizabeth Howland Relict widdo of the sd Joseph Howland & sole Executrix in the same will named Well & faithfully to execute the sd will & to administer the Estate of the sd deceased according thereunto & to make a true & perfect Inventory of all & singuler the goods Chattels Rights & Creditts of the sd deceased & to Exhibitt the same into the Registry of the Court of Probate for the County aforesd at or before the twenty-third day of June next ensueing & also to render a plaine & trus accompt of her said administration upon oath In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & the seale of the sd Court of Probate dated at Plimouth aforesd the day & year first above written.
Nathaniel Thomas Register.                                                                                 Nathaniel Thomas.

[Capt. Joseph2 Howland’s Inventory.]

    An Inventary of the Estate of Capt Joseph howland late of plimouth deseaced Taken & apprised by us under written on the 31 day of January 1704/3
Imprimis in his waring apparill & Books                                                     04 10 00
Item in armes at                                                                                       03 06 00
Item in puter & brass                                                                               03 14 00
Item in one small silver Cupp                                                                    00 04 00
Item in one bed & furnetur to it & Curtens                                                08 00 00
Item in two beds & the furniture to them                                                   07 00 00
Item in Iron potts & kettle hangers huks & tongus                                     01 00 00
Item in a grate table & forme & Cupbard & 4 Chests
    & a box                                                                                              04 00 00
Item in Chairs one table & table lining tiz: Earthen
    ware                                                                                                  02 00 00
Item in one saddle & pillion 2 sives [on]e bag                                            01 00 00
Item in New Cloath                                                                                 03 02 02
Item in one pare of small stillards [a]nd a Jarr                                           00 06 00
Item in 4 barrels & one Tubb                                                                   00 10 00
Item in Neete Cattle one yook of oxen                                                      07 10 00
Item in 4 Cows                                                                                       11 00 00
Item in 2 three year old sters at                                                                03 00 [00]
Item in 2 too year olds & three [calv]es                                                    04 00 0[0]
Item in 24 sheepe at                                                                                07 04 00
Item in two Mars at                                                                                04 00 00
Item in 3 swine at                                                                                   00 18 00
Item in Cart & plow and tackling                                                             00 15 00
Item in one spade one ffrow one drawing knife & ax &
    sith                                                                                                    00 12 00
Item in one pestle & morter & one saw 2 hows &
    other small Iron tools                                                                          00 13 00
Item in 2 spining, wheeles                                                                       00 08 00
 John bradford
 John Gray
 Thomas ffaunce
    Memorandum that on the 10th day of march 1703/4 before Nathll Thomas Esqr: Judge of the Probate of wills &c: Elizabeth Howland Executrix to the last will & testament of her Husband Capt Joseph How[land] late of Plimouth Deceased made oat[h th]at the above written is a true Inve[nto]ry of the Estate of the sd Deceased so fa[r as] she knoweth & when she knoweth of mor[e t]hat she will discover the same
Nathll Thomas Register
Source:  Bowman, George Ernest, “Captain Joseph2 Howland’s Will and Inventory”, The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 6, No. 2, Apr 1904, pgs. 86-90.

Great Migration

John Howland

ORIGIN: Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire
MIGRATION: 1620 on Mayflower
FREEMAN: In the “1633” list of Plymouth freemen John Howland is near the head of the list, among the councillors [PCR 1:3]. In the 6 March 1636/7 list of Plymouth Colony freemen [PCR 1:52]. In the Plymouth section of the 1639, 1658 and 29 May 1670 lists of Plymouth Colony freemen [PCR 5:274, 8:173, 197].
EDUCATION: His inventory included “1 great Bible and Annotations on the 5 Books of Moses” valued at 1 and “Mr. Tindall’s Works, Mr. Wilson’s Works, 7 more books” valued at 1.
OFFICES: Plymouth Colony Assistant, 1 January 1632/3, 1 January 1633/4, 1 January 1634/5 [PCR 1:5, 21, 32]. Deputy for Plymouth to General Court, 1 June 1641, 28 October 1645, 1 June 1647, 7 June 1648, 8 June 1649, 4 June 1650, 5 June 1651, 3 June 1652, 7 June 1653, 7 March 1653/4, 6 June 1654, 1 August 1654, 8 June 1655, 3 June 1656, 1 June 1658, 4 June 1661, 1 June 1663, 1 June 1666, 5 June 1667 [PCR 2:16, 94, 117, 123, 144, 154, 167, 3:8, 31, 44, 49, 63, 79, 99, 135, 214, 4:37, 122, 148].
In charge of the fur trading post at Kennebec, 1634 [MD 2:10-11]. Committe on the fur trade, 3 October 1659 [PCR 3:170]. In the Plymouth section of the 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms (as “John Howland Sen.”) [PCR 8:187].
ESTATE: In the 1623 Plymouth division of land John Howland received four acres as a passenger on the Mayflower [PCR 12:4]. In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle John Howland, his wife Elizabeth Howland, John Howland Junior and Desire Howland were the first four persons in the fourth company [PCR 12:10].
   In the Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 John Howland was assessed 18s., and in the list of 27 March 1634 1 4s. [PCR 1:9, 27]. John Howland was a Purchaser [PCR 2:177].
   On 4 December 1637 “forty acres of land are granted to Mr. John Howland, lying at the Island Creeke Pond at the western end thereof, with the marsh ground that he useth to mow there” [PCR 1:70]. On 5 November 1638 the “island called Spectacle, lying upon Green’s Harbor, is granted to Mr. John Howland” [PCR 1:102, 110, 168]. Granted six acres of meadow “at the North Meadow by Jones River” [PCR 2:49].
   In his will, dated 29 May 1672 and proved 6 March 1672/3, “John Howland Seni[o]r of the town of New Plymouth ... being now grown aged, having many infirmities of body upon me,” bequeathed to “John Howland my eldest son besides what lands I have already given him, all my right and interest to that one hundred acres of land granted me by the court lying on the eastern side of Taunton River”; to “my son Jabez Howland all those my upland and meadow that I now possess at Satuckett and Paomett”; to “my son Jabez Howland all that my one piece of land that I have lying on the southside of the mill brook”; to “Isaac Howland my youngest son all those my uplands and meadows ... in the town of Middlebery and in a tract of land called the Major’s Purchase near Namassakett Ponds which I have bought and purchased of William White of Marshfield”; to “my said son Isacke Howland the one half of my twelve acre lot of meadow that I now have at Winnatucsett River”; to “my dear and loving wife Elizabeth Howland the use and benefit of my now dwelling house in Rockey Nooke in the township of Plymouth ... with the outhousing lands ... uplands and meadow lands ... in the town of Plymouth ... excepting what meadow and upland I have before given to my sons Jabez and Isacke Howland during her natural life”; to “my son Joseph Howland after the decease of my loving wife Elizabeth Howland my aforesaid dwelling house at Rockey Nooke”; to “my daughter Desire Gorum 20s.”; to “my daughter Hope Chipman 20s.”; to “my daughter Elizabeth Dickenson 20s.”; to “my daughter Lydia Browne 20s.”; to “my daughter Hannah Bosworth 20s.”; to “my daughter Ruth Cushman 20s.”; to “my grandchild Elizabeth Howland the daughter of my son John Howland 20s.”; “these legacies given to my daughters [to] be paid by my executrix”; to “my loving wife Elizabeth Howland my debts and legacies being first paid, my whole estate,” she to be executrix [MD 2:70-73, citing PCPR 3:1:49-50].
   The inventory of “Mr. John Howland lately deceased” was taken 3 March 1672/3 and totalled 157 8s. 8d. [MD 2:73-77, citing PCPR 3:1:51-54]. After the inventory, the appraisers noted that “the testator died possessed of these several parcels of land following:” “his dwelling house with the outhousing, uplands and meadow belonging thereunto lying at Rockey Nooke in the town of New Plymouth,” “a parcel of meadow at Jones River meadow,” “the one half of a house and a parcel of meadow and upland belonging thereunto lying and being at Colchester in the aforesaid township,” “a parcel of meadow and upland belonging thereunto lying near Jones River bridge in the town of Duxburrow,” “one house and 2 shares of a tract of land and meadow that lyeth in the town of Middleberry that was purchased by Captain Thomas Southworth of and from the Indian Sachem Josias Wampatucke,” and “2 shares of a tract of land called the Major’s Purchase lying near Namassakett ponds” [MD 2:77, citing PCPR 3:1:54]. (See also PCR 5:108, 110, 127.)
   In her will, dated 17 December 1686 and proved 10 January 1687/8, “Elizabeth Howland of Swanzey ... being seventy nine years of age” bequeathed to “my eldest son John Howland the sum of 5 ... and my book called Mr. Tindale’s Works and also one pair of sheets & one pair of pillowbeers and one pair of bedblankets”; to “my son Joseph Howland my stilliards and also one pair of sheets and one pair of pillowbeers”; to “my son Jabez Howland my featherbed & bolster that is in his custody & also one rug & two blankets that belongeth to the said bed & also my great iron pot & pothooks”; to “my son Isaack Howland my book called Willson on the Romanes & one pair of sheets & one pair of pillowbeers & also my great brass kettle already in his possession”; to “my son-in-law Mr. James Browne my great Bible”; to “my daughter Lidia Browne my best featherbed & boulster two pillows & three blankets & a green rug & my small cupboard one pair of andirons & my lesser brass kettle & my small Bible & my book of Mr. Robbinson’s Works called Observations Divine & Moral & also my finest pair of sheets & my holland pillowbeers”; to “my daughter Elisabeth Dickenson one pair of sheets & one pair of pillowbeers & one chest”; to “my daughter Hannah Bosworth one pair of sheets & one pair of pillowbeers”; to “my granddaughter Elizabeth Bursley one pair of sheets and one pair of pillowbeers”; to “my grandson Nathanael Howland (the son of Joseph Howland) ... my lot of land with the meadow thereto adjoining ... in the township of Duxbury near Jones River Bridge”; to “my grandson James Browne one iron bar and one iron trammell now in his possession”; to “my grandson Jabez Browne one chest”; to “my granddaughter Dorothy Browne my best chest & my warming pan”; to “my granddaughter Desire Cushman four sheep”; “my wearing clothes linen and woollen” and the residue to “my three daughters Elisabeth Dickenson, Lidia Browne and Hannah Bosworth to be equally divided amongst them”; “my loving son-in-law James Browne and my loving son Jabez Howland” executors [MD 3:54-57, citing BrPR 1:13-14].
BIRTH: Say 1592, son of Henry and Margaret (_____) Howland of Fenstanton.
DEATH: Plymouth 23 February 1672/3 “above eighty years” [PCR 8:34].
MARRIAGE: Plymouth by about 1624 Elizabeth Tilley, baptized Henlow, Bedfordshire, 30 August 1607, daughter of JOHN TILLEY. She died at Swansea 22 December 1687, aged eighty [SwVR 27].
    ii. DESIRE, b. say 1624; m. by 1644 John Gorham (eldest child b. Plymouth 2 April 1644 [MD
    iii. JOHN, b. Plymouth 24 April 1627; m. Plymouth 26 October 1651 Mary Lee [PCR 8:13].
    iv. HOPE, b. Plymouth 30 August 1629; m. by about 1646 John Chipman.
    v. ELIZABETH, b. say 1631; m. (1) Plymouth 13 September 1649 Ephraim Hicks [PCR 8:8]; m.
        (2) Plymouth 10 July 1651 John Dickerson [PCR 8:13].
    vi. LYDIA, b. say 1633; m. by about 1655 James Brown.
    vii. HANNAH, b. say 1637; m. Swansea 6 July 1661 Jonathan Bosworth [SwVR 23].
    viii. JOSEPH, b. say 1640; m. Plymouth 7 December 1664 Elizabeth Southworth [PCR 8:25],
        daughter of THOMAS SOUTHWORTH.
    ix. JABEZ, b. about 1644 (deposed on 19 July 1680 aged 36 years [SJC #1915]); m. by 1669
        Bethiah Thatcher, daughter of Anthony Thatcher (eldest child b. Plymouth 15 November 1669
        [PVR 668; NYGBR 42:154-57]).
    x. RUTH, b. say 1646; m. Plymouth 17 November 1664 Thomas Cushman [PCR 8:25], son of
        Thomas Cushman.
    xi. ISAAC, b. Plymouth 15 November 1649; m. by 1677 Elizabeth Vaughn, daughter of George
        Vaughn [TAG 23:24-26].
ASSOCIATIONS: Brother of HENRY HOWLAND and Arthur Howland.
COMMENTS: In his list of passengers on the Mayflower Bradford tells us that John Howland was one of the “manservants” of JOHN CARVER [Bradford 441]. During a particularly bad storm on the crossing John Howland (characterized by Bradford as “a lusty young man”) went above deck and was swept overboard, but
it pleased God that he caught hold of the topsail halyards which hung overboard and ran out at length. Yet he held his hold (though he was sundry fathoms under water) till he was hauled up by the same rope to the brim of the water, and then with a boat hook and other means got into the ship again and his life saved. And though he was something ill with it, yet he lived many years after and became a profitable member both in church & commonwealth [Bradford 59].
   In his 1651 accounting on the family of John Carver, Bradford reported that “[h]is servant John Howland married the daughter of John Tilley, Elizabeth, and they are both now living, and their eldest daughter hath four children; and their second daughter one, all living, and other of their children marriageable” [Bradford 444].
   In an undated deposition we learn that in April 1634 John Hocking came to Kennebec and challenged the rights of the Plymouth men to their exclusive trade in that place. Mr. John Howland, in charge of the trading post, went out in their bark with several other men and warned Hocking off, but was taunted and defied. Howland “bid three of his men go cut his cable [Hocking’s anchor],” but the flow of the stream was too strong and Howland called them back and added Moses Talbot to the crew. Hocking, seeing that their intent was to cut the cable, “presently put his peice almost to Moyses Talbott’s head, which Mr. Howland seeing called to him desiring him not to shoot his man but take himself for his mark saying his men did but that which he commanded them and therefore desired him not to hurt any of them, if any wrong was done it was himself that did it and therefore called again to him to take him for his mark saying he stood very fair, but Hocking would not hear nor look towards our bark, but presently shooteth Moyses in the head, and presently took up his pistol in his hand but the Lord stayed him from doing any further hurt by a shot from our bark himself was presently struck dead being shot near the same place in the head where he had murderously shot Moyses” [MD 2:10-11].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: Because of the multitude of descendants of John Howland, through all ten of his children, the publication of the first five generations of descent from John Howland will occupy many volumes. Elizabeth Pearson White has prepared the first two volumes in this series: John Howland of the Mayflower: Volume 1, The First Five Generations, Documented Descendants Through his first child Desire Howland and her husband Captain John Gorham (Camden, Maine, 1990) and John Howland of the Mayflower: Volume 2, The First Five Generations, Documented Descendants Through his second child John Howland and his wife Mary Lee (Camden, Maine, 1993).
   In her first volume White argued that John Howland lived for several years in Maine, and that three of his children were born there. Robert S. Wakefield has gathered the evidence that this could not have been the case [MD 42:15-16].

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Source:  Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, vols. 1-3. Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995.

Isaac2 Howland’s Will and Inventory.
Transcribed from the Original Records,
By George Ernest Bowman.

    Isaac2 Howland (John1) died at Middleborough, Mass., on 9 March. 1723/4[10], and his widow Elizabeth died at the same place 29 October, 1727, in the seventy-fifth year of her age.[10]
    Isaac’s will is recorded in the Plymouth County Probate Records, Volume IV, pages 408 and 409, and the inventory in Volume V, page 6. The inventory is the only original document left in the files and this has been used in making the copy here presented. It is somewhat worn and the copy has been perfected from the record.

[Isaac2 Howland’s Will.]

[IV: 408] Know all men by these Presents that I Isaac Howland Senr of the Town of middleboro In ye County of Plymouth In New: England Being at this Present Time weak: & under Bodily Infirmitys yet of Sound & Perfect memory & understanding (Blessed be God for It) Do make & ordain this to be my last Will & Testament to Continue forever firm & Inviolable. Imprimis . I give & Bequeath unto my well beloved wife Elisabeth Howland all my Houshold Stuff of all Sorts for Her Improvement during Her Life: & to dispose of among Her Children as Shee Shall See cause: I also give unto my sd wife Two Cows also She Shall have ye use & Improvement of one Room of my dwelling House . which Room She Pleaseth during Her widdow: hood Item . I give & Bequeath unto my Son Seth Howland, all that my Lott of Land: whereon I now dwell Except that Part thereof which I have formerly given to my Son Nathan by Deed: also I give to my Son Seth my dwelling House Barn & outhouses & fences on sd Land: Excepting ye use & Improvement of ye aforesd one Room given to my wife during Her widdow: hood as aforesd: also I give to my Son Seth: my thirteen acres & one third Part of an acre of Land . Butting upon ye west Side of ye River . In ye Little Lott Mens Purchase, also I give unto my Son Seth all my Stock of Neat Cattle, Jades & Swine, Except ye aforesd two Cows: also I give unto my sd Son Seth, all my Tools & Cart & Ploughs, & all other Tackling for ye Team also I give unto my Son Seth all ye Debts due unto me. & my will is that He Shall Pay all my Just Debts & funeral Charges: & my will Is that my Son Seth Shall Pay as a Legacy unto my two Sons Isaac & Nathan, To each of them thirty Pounds: & unto my four Daughters Priscilla Bennett Jael Southworth, Susannah Wood & Hannah Tinkham to each of them Twenty Pounds Either In money, or good Currant Pay at money Price the one half thereof within one year after my decease, & ye other half thereof within one year after my wifes decease . also my will is that my Son Seth Shall Pay unto his mother ten Pounds a year, yearly during Her widdow: hood Either In money or good Currant Pay at money Price, & also he Shall keep for His mother two Cows: during ye whole Time of Her widdow: hood: & that he Shall find Her Firewood Cut & brought to ye Door So much as She Shall have occasion for during Her widdowhood. Item: I give & Bequeath unto my Son Isaac Howland all my Right & Interest In ye Lands & Swamps In ye Sixteen Shilling Purchase. & In assawamsett Neck. & also one third Part of my Six acre Lott of meadow at winnatuxett meadows. Item . I give & Bequeath unto my Son Nathan Howland my fifty acres of Land, being two five & twenty acre Lotts Butting upon ye great River In ye Six & twenty mens Purchase & also my Lott of Cedar Swamp In sd Purchase, & also my five acres & a Quarter of Swamp Land lying on ye beach Islands at Raven Brook In sd Purchase, & also my one half of five acres & half of meadow In ye upper meadows In sd Purchase: and my will is that all my armes & ammunition Shall be Equally divided amongst my aforesd three Sons and my will is that my Son Seth Howland Shall be Sole Executor of this my Last Will & Testament: Thus Hoping that this my last will & Testament will be Performed according to ye true Intent & meaning thereof: I Committ my [409] my Body to ye Dust & my Soul to God that gave It. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand & Seal this Sixth day of Febuary anno Domini one thousand Seven Hundred &
Seventeen Eighteen.
Signed Sealed & declared                                                                 Isaac Howland Senr     (Seal)
by ye above named Isaac
Howland Senr to be his
Last Will & Testament
In ye Presence of us.
Jacob Tomson
Joseph Vaughan
Jonathan Inglee.

Plym: ss: aprill 6th 1724 Before Isaac Winslow Esqr, Judg of ye Probate of Wills &c the within mentioned Jacob Tomson & Joseph Vaughan made oath that they were Present & did See ye within named Isaac Howland Senr Sign & Seal & heard him declare ye within written to be His last will & Testament & that when he So did he was of a disposing mind and memory according to ye best of the Judgements

as attests Nathaniel Thomas Register
att ye Time abovesd Jonathan Inglee made oath before ye abovesd Judge that he was desired by ye within named Isaac Howland to Sett his Hand as a witness to ye within written Instrument . & to ye best of His Judgement he heard him declare that ye within written was His will & that He then was of a disposing mind to ye best of his Judgement . as attests
Nathaniel Thomas Register
Isaac Winslow Esqr Duly appointed & Comissionated to be Judge of ye Probate of wills & for granting of administration In ye County of Plymouth within ye Province of ye Massachusetts Bay In New: England. To all to whom these Presents Shall Come Greeting. Know yee that on ye 1st day of June In ye year of our Lord 1724 Before me at Marshfield In ye County aforesd The Will of mr Isaac Howland late of middleboro In ye County aforesd deceased . to these Presents annexed was Proved approved & allowed: Who having while He Lived & at ye Time of His death goods Chattels Rights or Credits in ye County aforesd & ye Probate of sd Will & Power of Comitting administration of all & Singular the goods Chattels Rights & Credits of ye sd deceased, & also ye Hearing Examining & allowing ye accompts of ye Same by virtue thereof appertaining unto me. The administration of all & Singular ye goods Chattels Rights & Credits of ye sd Deceased & His will In any manner Concerning is hereby Comitted unto Seth Howland Son of ye sd deceased & Sole Executor In ye Same will named: Well & faithfully to Execute ye sd Will & to administer ye Estate of ye sd Deceased according thereunto; & to make a true & Perfect Inventory of all & Singular ye goods Chattels Rights & Credits of ye sd Deceased & to Exhibit the Same Into ye Registry of ye Court of Probate for ye County aforesd at or before ye first Day of august next Ensuing: & also to Render a Plain & true accompt of His sd administration upon Oath.
    In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand & ye Seal of ye sd Court of Probate: Dated att marshfield aforesd the Day & year first above written
Isaac Winslow
[Isaac2 Howland’s Inventory.]
an Inventory on the Estate of Mr Isaac Howland of Middleburro Senr Latly Deceased both Reall & personall which he
Dyed Seized of & is as followeth
Imprs his wearing Cloaths                                                                   08 05 00
his arms                                                                                             01 05 00
his money                                                                                          06 00 00
His Homstead with 23 acres in a neck of Land Called
    beaver Dam neck                                                                         540 00 00
Two acres of meadow in the upper meadows                                   07 00 [00]
Two acres of meadow in Winnetuxit meadows at                                 25 00 00
Cedar Swamp with a of a beach Island at                                        10 00 00
in the Sixteen Shilling purchase Cedar Swamp at                                  04 00 00
in sd purchase forty four acres at                                                        08 00 00
Twenty five acres in Sd purchase at                                                   16 00 00
assawamsit Lot with 2 acres & in Sd Sixteen Shilling
    purchase                                                                                       16 00 00
one bond of 30 Due to him                                                               30 00 00
4 new milch Cows at                                                                         18 00 00
one new milch heifier at                                                                     04 00 00
3 farrow Cows at                                                                              10 00 00
T[wo old] oxen at                                                                              13 00 00
Two young oxen at                                                                            10 06 00
one two year old heiffer & 4 year old C[attle]                                     06 10 00
one horss & Saddle                                                                           07 12 00
Ten Swine in the woods at                                                                 03 10 00
Eleven Sheep with Six Lambs at                                                        05 00 00
to a bed & beding at                                                                          09 06 00
to wooll at                                                                                         01 00 00
to malt & worsted Combs at                                                              01 09 00
to a table & two Sickles at                                                                 00 12 00
to a bed & a Chest at                                                                        05 10 00
to a tub box & barrells                                                                       00 10 00
to a bed & beding with bedstead & trundle-bedstead &
    warming pan                                                                                 10 00 00
to a table & Joynt Stools & table linen & an old Chest
    at                                                                                                 02 00 00
to pillow beirs & a Chest & four Chairs                                              01 05 00
to brass Koettles & brass Skillits                                                        04 00 00
to pewter platters & all other pewter vessels                                      02 00 00
to Iron potts Kettles & trammels                                                        03 01 00
a table wooden Dishes & tinn vessels                                                00 15 00
trades tubs & old barrels & Spining Wheels                                       01 03 06
a hatchell old Cards & old Shears                                                      00 09 00
Cart & plow tackling axes & howes at                                              04 04 00
flax at                                                                                              00 04 00
to Books                                                                                          0   14   0
five bushells of barly                                                                         1   0    0
22 bushells of oats                                                                            1   10   0
11 bushells of wheat                                                                         3   10   0
Indian Corn                                                                                      4   05   0
Indian Corn at                                                                                  1   15   0
hay                                                                                                  2   05   0
Iron Crow an Iron Dog & a howe                                                      0  09   0
    Trully taken by us the Subscribers June ye 6th 1724
John Bennet
William Thomas
Ebenezer Sprout:

September the 17 : 1724
The abovenamed John Bennet William Thomas and Ebenezer Sprou[t] made oath that the above and within written is a Just and equall apprisement of the Estate of Isaac Howland late of Middleborough in the County of Plimoth deceased according to the best of their Judgment.

Before Isaac Winsl[ow Judge of] Probate
since added of Debts due to th[e Estate]
from Peter Benet                                                                             [1 17   0]
from Ichabod Padock                                                                        0   5   0

[December ye 17th] 1724.
    [Seth] Howland Executor named in the last Will and Testement of his father mr Isaac Howland late of Middleborough in the County of Plimoth Deceased; made oath that the Inventory herein presented is a tru and perfect Inventory of the Estate of his father the sd Isaac Howland as far as is Come to his knowledg and if more hereafter appears he will also give it in.

Before Isaac Winslow Judge of Probate
Source:  Bowman, George Ernest, “Isaac2 Howland’s Will and Inventory”, The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 6, No. 3, Jul 1904, pgs. 147-52.


[1] Not only does Joseph refer to his wife Elizabeth and father-in-law Capt. Thomas Southworth in his will, but Capt. Southworth in his will (1 Mar 1669) refers to “my said daughter Elizabeth and vnto her husband Ioseph howland”. (See Plymouth Colony Wills, Vol. III, p. 1.)
[2] “or Widowhood” in the original was crossed out. These two words do not appear in the record.
[3] “four” was crossed out and “three” written above.
[4] “Sarah howland,” before the word “lydiah,” was crossed out.
[5] See Mayflower Descendant, 3: 55.
[6] “as alsoe two Acrees of upland meddow lving at Jons Rever meadow soe Caled” was crossed out in the original and does not appear in the record.
[7] The words “two Sons Thomas howland and James howland” are interlined in the original, above the words “Brother Isaac howland Edward Sothwoth” which are crossed out and do not appear in the record.
[8] The date was originally written “January one thousand six hundred ninty and one 1691,” but was altered to read as in the text. In the original will the day and month are doubtful and the record has here been followed.
[9] Plymouth County Probate Records.
[10] Mayflower Descendant, 5: 38.

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